Trell Reports – a mission in the swamps – r’Argh

What was known about Trell before we went

Previous trips to Trell identified that the area was inhabited by two lizardmen tribes,1 led by a king and one (the siltwalkers) led by a queen. The queens tribe was previously allied with Sygorax (witch possessing high majics), creater of things called Caliban (– note – hybrid of unliving pattern inside living person. Body is eaten from the inside out unless satisfied with a diet of flesh.)

There was also another tribe called the Trell that were few in number and so wanted to increase by Albiones joining a ‘breeding’ program. There majics were drawn from the earth.

Beastmen were involved in Trell breeding programs. r’Annt, v’Ar, (l’Ume, m’Okh, t’Keen – note – deceased) and u’Sage ( -note- last seen in Trell)

Architect worship:
Imperial Ancestor of order and civillisation and change?
2 priests had approached the Harts neither knowing about the others interaction.
1 from Glastonbury (Anthony)
1 from Winchester

They said that the Order had been asked to protect Arthur’s banner but it had been lost. To find we could start looking near Galahad’s resting place.

Also known:
New Grallochs (– note – flayed daemon men that kill very quickly by ripping your pattern to shreds, originally made in Summerlands) made by head priest of Architect in Cornwall. Need further information on this link.

It is believed items of note would have been kept safe in his grave where they would be guarded beyond death.

After a walk through the marshes:

Encountered a village surrounded by ghost fence, were lead around and welcomed into villagers company. They seemed to be divided into sects over goings on.
Lady of village had bred with u’Sage producing many cubs, now about 3 years so there were small pack of inexperienced Beastmen.

Several view:
1) Against them and their secret rituals in woods
2) Village leader seem not to care about them, they are part of people.
3) Mother, they her cubs, children, concerned for safety.
4) Cubs view, want to become adult and see Syberia.

Try to talk to all villagers and make them see that cubs are really quite big and not bad things just different. Should all respect each others ways. Told Lady Madeleine about problems and try to get things sorted out so cubs will be ok but Harts seem not to care or listen. All too wrapped up in finding banner.

Trolls in the woods:
The villagers were being attacked by trolls that were in the woods not far away. To prevent this they were feeding their weakest to the trolls to keep them out of the village, one body every 2/3 weeks. This may be why (apart from good breeding) the humans are dwindling and strong Beastmen increase. I tell Harts of this but again they not seem concerned with dealing with Trolls.)

A lost son:
One of the villagers claims that his son had wondered off into the woods with a beautiful woman. Can understand sons motivation but he have not returned. Maybe trap to feed Harts to trolls but I tell them but again no interest.

It seems that whilst in woods cubs find whereabouts of tomb. Whist I ask mother for permission to take cubs hunting, scouts went out with them and find tomb. They come back however without cubs, they say not know where but have found tomb. Now we move out of village

A walk to the tomb:

Whist going to tomb we find TPB member Ignor ramus staked out in middle of clearing as sacrifice to trolls. We free him but Harts not want to do anything about this.

We go to tomb that is guarded by wraiths, these are destroyed and Harts meet with Galahad (he could only walk at night)

Here we find dead body of cubs and his brother. Cub was apparently killed by wraiths when Harts retreated from tomb because of wraiths. His brother say the Harts just run off and leave them to die. I try to get Harts to return cub’s body to mother but they all too busy. Finally after much badgering they say to dark to go out tonight and take body back tomorrow. When they go they not tell me so I not go and offer condolences to mother and teach then about Beastman ways.

Corvus Hroc swears to the banner to return it to the true and rightful king (or something like that as the humans do). Shortly after he seemed to be acting strange due to beguilement from the banner. I put the saucepan on his head and got him fixed and he behaved a lot better after this.

Within tomb area there was a shrine to the Architect with a locked door. It was necessary to answer the questions asked to gain entry. Was truthful answers, no lies told. Galahad ask not to open. Covus opened the door, which started the slow draining of power from the banner, was now vital that we find it quickly.

There was also disused bar that someone, apparently from Winchester, had been sleeping in. There were several boxes in here and everything was trapped, like the person was increadibly paranoid or just mad. One box contained a severed head, other majical cards (note – man obviously bad cheat). There was also a wolfs head that had been flayed on one side.

Whilst in tomb we were attacked by number of things:
1) Strange slug-like creatures that paralysed victims then seemed to start to eat them
2) Spriggins, things from woods that call mayhem. Can grow out of ground and shrink away. Have very annoying spellcasting abilities.
3) Lizardmen, poisonous.

From lizardmen we learn that their King has the banner. Harts look to wait until light to go and retrieve.

The sickness:
There seemed to be a strange sleeping sickness that caused people to fall asleep form exhaustion whenever they over exerted themselves. Curing the disease had no effect. The local priest had apparently tried and whist they could make people better for a day or two it came back shortly after. The disease had apparently worsened in the last 3 years, with animals also being affected. This is also the time that the swamp has been expanding, and when Nethras worship came here. The villagers however had seen the disease as incurable and had been sacrificing people to the troll gods (well at least it stopped them attacking).

This was successfully purged by the use of mustard seeds to raise the internal body temperature to burn the sickness out. There was a limited supply so was debated whether to treat our people or the villagers. There was some research done but I am unsure of the outcome.

The lizard Queen has mustard growing on her land. She wouls allow us access if the Harts peformed a rite to Mannanan to find out what had happened to the disappearing members of her tribe.

Information at muster (a bit poor):
The law:
Julian rasied complainmt against the villagers about the staking of Ignor for the trolls to eat. Eclipse was the local sheriff, complaint was raised to Madeleine.

One of house of glass see dark dedication in the name of caligar.

Taken by lizardmen, Galahad was guardian. He is now revenant. It is one of 7 items required to unite the Pendragon, the throne may be involved as the 8th?

Within was sword, horn and a black and blue quartered tabard (like Sagramors colours)

Harts has to reconsecrate shrine once have the banner which would prevent undead templars returning (note – red cross on white background are colours of the tempars of the architect). We would be aided by collateing the stories ad memories of Galahad. The door was resealed to prevent against corruption from the fores o0f the Greenman.

A meeting with the Dream Fae:
Lady Helen – a princess of the Dreamfae. She was very miserable so a tourney was being held in her honour.

Her champion had been sent on a quest to retireve the banner. He had died and his squire had returned with the bad tidings. She was looking for champions to retrieve the banner and so was holding a tourney of various games. The champions were to be given favors, which would allow them to be protected in the dream to complete a quest.
1) Of arms – won by chase
2) Of the hunts – this favour was stolen (see later)
3) Insults/wit
4) Storytelling – won by Theodore charenten
5) Cunning

As this seemed a good time to have fun I took part in the game of storytelling with Theodore, Thenni, Julian and others. As Julian’s cards were dealt he disappeared. We continued the game and Theodore eventually won. Aisla was very upset by Julian’s disappearance blaming it all on the Fae. Someone said that they had seen people in the woods so a group of the Charentens went off to investigate. They were not many in number so I asked them to wait till we could organize a better force but they were in a hurry and left. Within minutes Mariam came running back to say the party had been attacked so the4 House of glass moblised a force to rescue. Luckily all were safe. A gentleman then led us through the woods as he said his girlfriend had disappeared but had some idea where to look. It is though that they might be linked so we traveled on. We came across two strange screaming women, sprigans and finally upon a group of men. One of them wanted to fight for the had of a ‘fair maiden’ who looked like Julian in a dress so Aisla offered. They fought and she was struck down, and again a second time. He said he wished to marry the maiden at which point a priest started performing the ceremony. We rescued Julian from this fate and returned to the Fae tourney though he was still in Juliana form. The storymaster showed him a card on returning to camp at which point the spell was undone.

Following this I tried to interact with the fae. The had things called boggits which seemed to be general servants for the Fae’s amusement. On enquiring about the Lady I was told she was also unhappy that her family had not spoken to her since arriving. When enquiring who it was gestured that Sagramor was related in some way. I again prodded to get him to talk to her and in doing so she revealed that she was his sister, a fact that he refused to believe , his sister Reann had died at the Gathering killed by followers of the Greenman. This denial upset her muchly.

After the tourney of the hunt the favor was stolen, though things are a little hazy round here as information flow began to breakdown even more than ususal. This allowed an enemy to enter the dream and work against our chosen. The winner of that favor decided to go in even though he might not be able to come back. The dreamers bodies were anchored by the favors attached to candles. The light was now fading and not all were back but we had enough information on the whereabouts of the banner.

Into the evening:
In a clearing of many fallen bodies, Glcell declared that the banner was close but she didn’t know it’s exact location. At this point we all searched and it was finally found in a bush by Eclipse. On retrieving it we returned to the tourney but it was too dark to hold the area so we retreated to the tomb.

Evening brought heavy attack by the lizardmen wishing to retrieve what we had, both at the front and back of the fort. The House of glass held the front gate well whist others of us held the rear and caught those coming over the walls. It was necessary to reconsecrate the shrine and one of the templars told us that when he was alive he left instructions for such rites within the area. Eclipse had all the paperwork so Jacob, herself, Thenni and myself looked over the documents (copies of everything I read will be forwarded to you) though not much was making sense. One seemed to be a tale of Galahad and the knights written in the form of a priest’s diary, making sense of some of the happenings, two drawing of temples, details on the knights templar and architect worship and those of his brother Ancestors the seeker and the smith and a poem I think is written in old Cornish? With an apparently bad translation. None of this seemed to explain what we needed apart from the fact that the banner was corrupted and so a new one needed to be created which on its return to the rightful king would finish what was necessary. The undead priest however remembered some details about needing the blood of each of the noble houses and someone to swear for them. A living descendent of one of the templars had information on the rite. It was performed and the bottom torn from Sagramors coat to create a new banner. This will be returned to the King by Corvus and transferred onto something right and proper.

Sagramor made his peace with his sister, turns out Galahad was their father. He passed all Galahads items over to her and I believe is still dealing with his recently discovered past.

Also during this time we rescued some Scathen. It seems that there wsa a Scathen factory in the area that had been capturing rats and sacrificing them in order to put there powers into majical wheels. A group consisting of a white seer and warlock, some rat ogres and storm vermin were running this operation in the name of the ‘bloody cog’. A party led by Cordelias household ran a mission to free the other Scathen to stop this practice. This was also successful and a wheel was captured. Scat used this later and found its use caused damage to the left legs of troops within a certain area. A useful combat tool.

Everything seemed to go well and all was good but we received news of a wedding that was to take place the next day. This would give the groom a tentative right to the throne that he was intending to push in full. We gatecrashed the party and stopped the wedding much to the spoilt brides horror. The three culprits behind it were searched and locked in a storeroom. They managed to break out but I think all were dealt with though I don’t have their names.