The Wolverines

Based: Barony of Naseby (in
the County of Carlisle and the Duchy
of Keswick)
Heraldry: White rodent head on a black field
Leader: Captain Skarn von Ulfwere

The Wolverines were formed in the dark ages, by a mercenary warlord Garlan,
many years before the formation of the Gathering treaty. Garlan had always
worked alone, fighting here and there, but his fame became such that he
followers, and a small regiment was formed. Their battle prowess was
tested numerous times over the years, and under the leadership of Garlan
they were never defeated. Years after his death the warband split into
smaller groups, some even settled and put down roots.

Some years after the break up of the original Wolverines, Tiamat a
descendant of Garlan, pic_wolverines2reformed the warband. Like all mercenary companies
they fought for gold and fought under many different banners. Payment of one
contract was a region of land, called Naseby in Albion. The Wolverines relocated and fought many battles on the borderlands, eventually helping to
form the Harts as they are known today.

It was often commented within ‘polite’ circles, that the savage Wolverines should be kept in a chest, marked ‘Open only in event of War’. To this the
warband just laugh and shout their battle cry of ‘Bollox’.

After years in Albion, the Wolverines entered a state of flux, some wanting
to leave and return to their mercenary origins and others tired of
constantly waging wars. For the second time in the Wolverines history, the
warband scattered.


pic_wolverinesNow they have reformed again, with battle hardened mercenaries from many
lands. Under the leadership of Skarn Von Ulfwere (former Lieutenant), the Wolverines have returned after many years of adventure abroad. Now loyal and
committed to the Albion cause once more. With new blood swelling their ranks
and numbers increasing by the day, the warband is once again on the march.

They will not refuse a fight, dislike inbred nobility and evil despots
alike, love ale and enjoy life.

Skarn, Captain (son of an Albion bar wench and a Norse raider)
Autumn 1107