The Tower of the Silver Guardian

Many years after the ritual was preformed to create the sentinel a powerful woman, vain and selfish found out about the page within the tower and decided to claim it as her own.

But she was a vain and foolish woman, who on passing the great keep, saw a young man sitting in a garden, by a keep, with a young beautiful maiden. She wanted the young lord as her own but seeing him gaze upon another woman in such a loving manor enraged this evil woman and she struck out at him with all the foul magic’s she could muster. The young man lay dead, while his pretty girl ran away in tears. The evil woman thought no more of this and travelled along her way towards the hidden tower.

Once she reached the tower this evil woman gazed towards a door, craved upon it the coat of arms which she had seen emblazoned upon the tabard of the young man she had killed the day before at the keep.
Suddenly the door opened and the young maiden stepped out from behind it, her skin shining silver in the light of day.

“Begone foul creature” the young maiden spoke “For you will have no hold of this tower, nor that you seek while the house of red and white still stand, you may take our lives and the lives of those we love, but for as long as i stand guardian of this tower, you and the evil powers you abuse will never prevail, for this place was formed by the ancient elements and they will not abide you near.”

With these words a nearby brazier and five shrines burst into flames and a pulse of power flowed from the silver maiden and the evil woman was thrown far from the tower, never to be seen again.

The young maiden was said to have been from house Batan and it is said that if the Keep is ever under threat from the evil woman or the power that guided her again, all that needed to be done was to, go to the tower, prove your honour, from only those of strong heart may open the lock, awaken the silver guardian and she will guide the way.

Copies gifted by Victoria of House Batan, 1112