The Moon’s Renewal of 1097 AF

Sir Huw de Grognard
The Annual Moon’s Renewal Festival hosted by the Fellowship of the Full Moon was held in the Temple of the Moon in the mountains of Jotenheim in eastern Norsca. Despite my mis-adventures a couple of weeks before in foreign lands, I arrived at the Temple and was warmly greeted by so many good friends concerned over my health. I am not as resilient as I once was. Age is a curse that no-one can lift except when you go to the final arbiter. I had a very heavy heart and my mood improved when I saw so many good friends.
A quest set out from the Temple of the Full Moon to remove the curse on Gunnar, the Third in Command of the Wolves. This resulted in Gunnar converting from the faith of the Old Norse Gods to that of Lunas after being visited by an avatar of the god. This was formed when the dark and light aspects of the moon were conjoined at the unification of a staff.
A strong force from the Fellowship of the Full Moon and many of their friends including the Watchers of Darkwood attempted to discover the identity of the Fellowship of the Last True Wolf. They claimed to be the true inheritors of Norsca and hence challenged the leadership of Thorvald, Aleda and the rest of the Wolves command. When the party were teleported to the final location, their situation quickly deteriorated. By all accounts, the party hesitated with long deliberation instead of the direct action that was required to stop the summoning in progress in progress at the Ritual Circle. This I have suffered in so resent times and almost cost my life. This allowed time for their foes to muster such a force that caused much dispatch amongst the party.
G’thud, Faction Marshall of Armies, wielder of Thor’s Hammer and leader of the Fellowship was killed by Astor in single combat. The latter was a man of great marshal worth who recently became the leader of the Brotherhood of the Last True Wolf since he was taken from his eminent position in the Fellowship. This destroyed the resolve of the party. Eventually the Brotherhood of the Last True Wolf was defeated. This cost the lives of Duncan Remlar and Duncan of the Fellowship who pass into the shadow world and will be remembered by their friends. However, the summoning of Khefron, Schadel’s Brother was completed. He is considered an evil being.
Alas, Duke Tarragon informed me that his wife was taken to bed with a high fever. This had abated a week later and is known to be in good health.
Both Justinian, of the Council of Quasiators and Earl Hawkeye have consulted with me to finally draft the Laws of Albion that have been for many centuries in the verbal form. This sacred duty will take them many months.
Strange shapes upon paper were placed upon various tables. What these amounted to is unknown. The Dark Cardinal promised a great prize to anyone who collected a full set. Duke Tarragon, Connall and Justinian collected several near sets, but have yet to present them to the demons without more information.
A cowled figure appeared outside the hall asking if anyone had sets of the figures. Two people stood forward with three figures the same and in return were offered wisdom if they would follow him and take his colours. Only two of them handed over the figures and took their new cloaks. He then gave them a parchment which he that they read in the light from the hall before departing. I wonder what evil may be afoot for them.
The Black Cardinal, who had killed Jarek at the Tarantulas Council by taking the Sword of Sat’un, was dismissed from the Temple of the Moon by Enoch using Schadel’s skull.
Lord General Thorvald of the Wolves was visited by a person who is thought to have been Thor and he gave him Thor’s Hammer. A new wielder of this fearful weapon will be found at the Moots. Thorvald was like a child with a new toy when he received Thor’s Hammer. He caused a stir among the Followers of the Moon when he used the Thor cry within the temple.
Later in the evening, the spirit of Astor was brought back by the avatar of Lunas to say his goodbyes. Astor explained that he had been taken by Sat’un and Katrina at the Wolves Moot last year. His body had in effect died but his pattern was enhanced necromantically. He had led the Brotherhood with the purpose of giving the Wolves a single enemy to pull them together as a unified force. He felt betrayed that no attempt had been made to rescue him. The death of G’thud was not meant to be. He then left with the avatar to join the other heroes of the Fellowship in the Hall of the Full Moon.
The Unliving were drawn to the Temple in order to disrupt the Ritual but only a few got through all the armies surrounding the temple that had been fighting there for weeks
Lady Lysandra asked after the whereabouts of Conor but he was not to be found. The Lady was a little frustrated that she could not try out her new toy.
Enoch, Senior Ritualist of the Wolves performed a ritual using the power of Schadel to destroy all Unliving on the surface of the known World. He used the scull from the Staff of Schadel that had been delivered to Pape at the Violet Mage’s birthday. As the ritual was progressing Violet attempted to intervene to stop the ritual saying they were killing Schadel but Floris stopped him. The ritual progressed. Enoch collapsed from the stress of channelling the power though himself but recovered by the end of the evening. Violet seemed agitated and was breathing heavily, obviously affected by the ritual. The other colour mages were unaffected. Floris was forced to sit down and rest. Lord Elias Karlennon was decidedly unwell for a few minutes. I administered to him as best that I could.
Later in the evening Pape appeared having been resting in his room. He was wearing the tabard of a Sun Worshipper and called himself Pape Kharnak. The spirit of his uncle, Kharnak had taken him over. The Avatar of the god Lunas visited him and handed him a necklace in two parts, one half the sun and the other the moon. The Avatar said, “When I return, you must choose between the two sides. You cannot keep the two in balance without destroying yourself.” It seems that Pape chose the Sun.
Strange creatures with blue masks entered. These were apparently demons of some kind.
Lord Lynsall questioned me closely about the Adventures of Morgan who is Godfather to both Dalashandra’s daughter and the Beastkin of the Beastmen. The curse interested him greatly. I informed Lynsall that Kyledor Zommorrod A’Tesh was chosen by Morgan Dragonslayer as the architect of the City of Antonio. He is known to me as a Drow noted for his strange magic’s in the creation of structures.
The Green Haired Apprentices, not content with the paid escort of the Old Invincible, shadowed the Grand Master Floris Brand as if they required the extra reassurance. They were guests of the Wolves and this would be respected. The former Master White has disowned the Green Haired Apprentices and they have sort shelter with the Fellowship of the Full Moon. One of the Fellowship said, “We will accept them even though their hair clashes severely with the Purple of the Fellowship.”
In another show of his balanced use of Magic, Joshua McTay, the former Master Violet, slept Lord General Thorvald of the Wolves for not getting out of his way fast enough. When he realised his mistake, the face was a thing to picture. He also shattered Baron Jaspar’s trusty axe because it accidentally got too close to his nose.
Lady Lysandra was soon at Floris-Brand’s to give him aid as he had been mysteriously knocked down. It was notable that both Lady Lysandra and Joshua McTay (Violet) were in agreement over their concern for their Grand Master’s well-being.
The Al Arabead’s Oasis on Finishaar was perpetrated by their hereditary enemies, the Black and Reds. Lady Shanhadra gave an invitation for working holidays to those adventurous and skilled to assist in the rebuilding of the family’s holdings. Lady Shanhadra is currently the head family since her half brother Morgan has more intricate things to sort out.
I was threatened as usual by various parties within the Mages Guild and this seems to be getting a guild sport. Methinks that I may not be welcome to their Guildhouse again.
Copied here is one of the scrolls that were delivered by a dark-clad messenger at the close of the Moon’s Renewal Festival. To those here gathered, know that this night shall not be forgotten. You shall all be held responsible for what has occurred here and the day of our vengeance will be terrible indeed. This temple shall be razed to the ground for the actions taken within it and our armies shall rise from its ashes to take the lands which you claim as your own for our Master. Your victory shall be short lived.
On my return to Huntingdon Castle, I was greeted by a hurriedly scribbled note from Drinin, High Ambassador of the Dragons. “I regret to inform you despite my protests Lord Arcane and Lord Ash have outlawed you. It is pain of death for you to step into Dragon Lands.” This was passed on the 1st of March 1097 AF by the Dragon’s Council. This note was handed to me one of the Rangers of Greenwood who had escorted him to the Dragon’s Council as a precaution against threatened kidnapping. Much thought will be placed upon a response. Lady Tarragon has entreated Lord Arcane for a reason for my sentence.
On returning to Huntingdon, I was informed that the Dragons Command have not got the Sword of Alliance. This had been so magnanimously handed to the Duke of Dal Riada by Lord General Calin in front of the most eminent set of witnesses that this world possess. The Bears are still asking the Dragons for proof that they are not hiding the Sword from them. The threat from the Bears is still real that they would declare war upon them if they have not got the sword.
It seems that there are no Unliving left. Of the great armies marching on the Temple in Norsca, there are only piles of rotting bodies. The island of Skald seems quiet and deserted. Everywhere where Unliving start to decay. It could be safe to assume that the ritual worked. There is known that Unliving still exist in the Underdark and upon the plane that the Lions retired to called the Vale of Avalon. Enoch slept for many hours since his great Ritual, and his consciousness is attended to by the Healers. The thoughts of the many go to his speedy recovery.