The Hardware Song

Cadfannan, Ship’s Mage, Cutter’s Choice

We are all Orcs
We make the best forks
Orcs’ forks are the best forks
The best forks are Orcs’ forks
We are all Trolls
We make the best bowls
Trolls’ bowls are the best bowls
The best bowls are Trolls’ bowls
We are all Elves
We make the best shelves
Elves’ shelves are the best shelves
The best shelves are Elves’ shelves
We are all Paladins
We make the best salad bins
Paladins’ salad bins are the best salad bins
The best salad bins are Paladins’ salad bins
We are a mongol horde
We make the best fibreboard
Mongol horde fibreboard is the best fibreboard
The best fibreboard is mongol horde fibreboard
We are all Woodwoses
We make the best garden hoses
Woodwoses garden hoses are the best garden hoses
The best garden hoses are woodwoses garden hoses
We are all Drow
We make the best dead
Dead drow are the best drow
The best drow are dead drow

Tune: Volga Boat Song