The Broken Sword

As recorded from notes given by Elemental beings, to the People of Albion[1], by Her Grace, Lady Foxxglove Lanata of the Court of the Green Oak, Countess Ellenbrooke, First Dame of Albion.

This ‘story’ came in pieces to a number of Albione’s during the rescue of Her Majesty, Queen Eloise Hunter, First of Her Name, at Exeter in the Spring of 1116.

From a reordering of the papers that appeared:

During the time Queen Katherine of the Tomorrow Court plagued the Harts, a powerful and evil Lieutenant rose in her ranks. He was commonly known as ‘The Broken Sword’, a hooded figure that shrouded his face. To see his face is to see your own death, few saw his face and survived.

For his loyalty to her, Queen Katherine gifted him a powerful gift. This gift was a forge, ‘The Forge of Bloodied Souls’, which if powered up acted like a living phylactery. If he were to be struck down he would simply reappear as the forge whole again. But such an item needed to be repowered continuously.

In order to repower the ‘Forge of Bloodied Souls’ there were seven dark swords. Each sword had the power to hold the life force of an entire human bloodline. Believed to have been originally created by Mordrid, it had been all but a rumour for many years. Once a sword was attuned to a bloodline the sword could only hold the souls of that line until reunited with the forge. Once the bloodline had been eradicated the sword could be used to sacrifice a noble and powerful Fey

upon the alter of the forge. This then would give the owner of the forge the ability to user it as a phylactery. Once all seven swords were used and the seven Fey nobles sacrificed the phylactery would then be powered for 1000 years.

The Broken Sword make it his life’s mission to power up ‘The Forge of Bloodied Souls’ and to create this form of immortality for himself. Queen Katherine chose the blood lines he was to destroy and with evil in his heart and full of glee, he hunted down the families and killed them one at a time, always killing the adults first as he loved to watch the children suffer. During the reign of Katherine he managed to eradicate three bloodlines within the people of Albion in this manner:

the Fortigue’s, the Tenby’s, and the Fitzgerald’s and sacrificed three noble Fey. This began to power up the forge. The next bloodlines that were chosen to be destrpyed were particularly troublesome to Katherine were the Walker’s and the Coltree’s. With maliciousness and cruelty he enjoyed toying with his kills before finally killing them.

By the end of Queen Katherine’s reign the Broken Sword had killed all but a few of the Walkers, the Coltree on the other hand had faired better. The Coltree/Cultri had a knowledgeable elf within their family line. She went deep within the Greenwood to the Fey and Elves that were hidden there and told them of what was happening. The Fey had heard of the plight of the Sparrow Court and the Court of Winter’s Whisper and agreed to help the elf and her human family. The Fey and thr Elves put a powerful curse on the Broken Sword, which made him incapable of killing these bloodlines attuned to the swords, therefore he would be unable to power his forge fully. However if a member of the bloodline was to dies in any other way, their life force would still be taken in by the sword, but he could not kill them himself. The Broken Sword then seemed to disappear, no one knows why, but it was believed that the curse had other properties that disabled him for a while.

The Coltree elf then went back to her home, the children of the Coltree had been hidden, but for their own safety the elf used the power of the Fey and cast a spell, hiding all knowledge of who the children were, from themselves and others. She did this to all of the children of both bloodlines other than her own daughter, as she believed that at least one should be able to tell the others what happened if the Broken Sword was ever to come after them again. Deep in the Greenwood the Picea[2] Fey also cast a great spell that would be a warning to all Fey. If the Broken Sword was ever to emerge again the Fey would feel him coming and memories of him and his deeds would reamerge in people’s memories.

Additional Notes found on the back of the family trees

Note: The content of the family trees has been placed in a secure location to ensure the anonymity of those who are still alive on the trees.

Each tree has been listed below with the name of the noble Fey which is linked to it.

Cultri Family tree

Sacrifice: Lord Alaine of the Nix

“that blind elf has hidden them well but they are finding each other and their memories. I will find out who they are. Tristus I know and that little female half sister of his has nicely killed herself so is now in the sword. I will enjoy my continuous mocking of him until he joins his precious family”

Walker Family Tree

Sacrifice: Lady Alexandra of the Court of Dreams

“only 2 left to go! who is the boy? Where is he? I am sure they must have hidden him on the Harts, but which one is he? I know where Beatrice is but until we can get that Silver elemental out of the way we can’t get to her.”

Tenby Family Tree (deceased)

Sacrificed: Wingbeat of the Court of Sparrows

Fall of the court of sparrows: “Lord Wingbeat has gone missing!! A dark man, shrouded, has come into our home. He wields a sword, he has stabbed it into the ground. He breaks the blade and cackles loudly. He is grinning. Dark mist is coming from the sword. My people are tainting. I can feel it crawling up my leg. I am falling into darkness.

HELP ME!!!…..”

Fortigue Family Tree (deceased)

Sacrificed: Frozen Heart of the Court of Winter’s Whisper

“Lord Frozen Heart has been taken by the Broken Sword. It will not be long now before he comes for us, as he did for the Court of Sparrows. They were a simple beautiful Court of Fey and stood no chance against the forces of the Broken Sword. But if he has killed our Lord on his forge we have no chance against the tainting power of his mist. We must find our Lord and stop this or we are all done for. Fey cannot fight against his dark taint. They become subservient to only him.

They turn into dark creatures of death and sorrow. All that is left is the empty husks of the proud Courts they once were. I will send this thought to the ‘Grove of Lost Memories’, the Picea will look after it there. If my Court does fall, I prey to all Fey­kind, avenge us. Do not let him destroy your Courts this way. He must be stopped.”

Fitzgerald Family Tree (deceased)

Sacrificed: Lady Fairchild of the Court of Children’s Grief

“He has taken Lady Fairchild. We will fall soon as the Sparrow and the Winter’s Whisper Court fell. We have no hope. Can no­one stop him? Who is he under his shroud of darkness? The only way to stop him is to work out who he is. The Tomorrow Court must hold the key, but how do we get to them. Katherine is too strong. Maybe the humans can help?”

[1] The original notes are now secured in the Albion Library.

[2] The Picea are a clan of the Court of the Green Oak, believed to have disappear millennia ago. They were rediscovered during the rescue of Queen Eloise in Exeter. See the Albion Library for more information on the Greenwood Fey.