The Anger of Albion

By Althea Emmet, Crows of Albion. Written after the Great Erdrejan Fayre 1117

We will not let this stand.
You may think us timid deer, but you have spilt our treasured blood.
If you think this will make us bow you are mistaken.
We have faced down worse than you.
Even to your face we have told you No.
We will not fall.
Our smallest child stepped into a ritual circle without fear. Do you think you can beat that
spirit down?
We have people not born on this shore who have declared their hearts Albione. Do you
think you can tear those ties apart?
Perhaps you do not know our stories.
Go learn you of Arthur, Gawain, Eloise and so many others. See what they faced in the name
of Albion. Go and see how they stood firm.
But they are our past.
You will not see the days when you will be just another story told in the firelight, just
another foe left in the dust.
All you have done is given us more reasons to fight. More lights to follow into battle.
Albion Forever!