With the exception of a small number of traditionally and historically militant and dangerous areas, only the Greenwood and Iver remain wild beyond reason and an unbalancing effect on Albion.
With this in mind Her Majesty Queen Eloise announces her intention to rededicate Winchester as the capital city and seat of power within Albion. Whilst time spend both at Forest Glen and in the lands of others throughout the Heartlands and Southlands has been tough, it has been successful.
Both in gratitude for the neighbourly way in which the nation was received in time of need, and more recently their open invitation a year past to a Midsummer celebration, an explicit and direct invite is directed to the Court of the Dragons Nations and coupled with this any other well-meaning friend or ally with the exception of abominations.
The dedication will be held on the 25th day of the 6th month of 1116 in the expansive grounds of the Queen’s Garden, Winchester.