Meeting of the War Captains

Ok me be quick with this cos t’Keen is wanting with message pigeon and I think it done pooh on her head…


“We go to council, we drink we talk me and v’Ar have good time teaching K’Arpet to fight. (Ok Benadict give me good kicking so did Jack and Hugo too but I was only playing … honest)

Next day queen not turn up to meeting she gone.

Find out queen been Queenknapped and taken away, so we chase and find trail, we fight many battles K’arpet fight good bit like Pack they started to feel instinct for each other this good cos lots of fights lots of dead QueenKnappers. Malik get cursed by mad Hunter Druid say all hunters Fail to save Hunter from sss’Nakka so Malik must die s’Kalion and Kelvin trick Druid (s’Kalion play bad Hart , Kelvin play good Hart)and Malik escape but have to promise to kill sss’Nakka or else return to hole in ground.

So then we fight more and more QueenKnappers and some Werewolves and some Golems but we kill them all. Many brave things done by all, but not time to tell now wait for later ok good. Next we find queen she being tortured by Roygen and nasty block who stole bit of Iggies leg. Jonathan, Queens best Friend use magic to jump on and protect Queen but s’Kalion prefer to eat door and charge, this good tactic but Roygen still get Venom Bolt off in time to knock me out, Le Skalrion (Scout bloke) heal me so I have just enough strength to eat Derwin (he bloke what hurt Iggy)

We hide in wood hut and now sss’Nakkas minions attack all have poison coming from hands but s’Kalion say NO naughty snake take that and no your poison doesn’t hurt me and yes this dagger will purge all the poison you can throw at us HA.

So we fight all night and in morning sss’Nakka himself come and Puck come too and give us two swords that will hurt him so that means we have total of three swords and Malik that can harm him, we in BIG trouble so s’Kalion say Me and Malik will hid in small closet for storing Jam and when sss’Nakka comes in we will jump out behind him and chop off head.. Only problem was that sss’Nakka know we in cupboard and so he come in too and make Jam from Malik and s’Kalion.

Not sure what happened next but next thing Queen sitting on tummy and healing me and I was mad so I sneak up behind sss’Nakka while he killing people and take Hunters Amulet off his belt (this good trick Stewards Guild teach me) this make him mad cos it means he not get power from Hunter and Hunter now free of him. HA Says me as he sends me flying across the room, but I still have Amulet. Then Cadarn face up to him (cos he only one standing) and say words like “Begone” and “Foul Demon” then he hit sss’Nakka and him (sss’Naker) go all floppy and fall over Queen and Leri heal everybody and we all sing Dong Ding the Snake is Dead.”

The end