Letter Sent to the Fey at the Lions Winter Campaign 1118

Let it be known, our Courts will reunite and their majesties will rule together over one people, sharing the Silver Throne.  They proclaim the following – we expect all fey in a position of leadership who are currently within Arcadia shall swear to us directly.  Those in Erdreja who lack the ability to travel to us may renew their oaths by proxy.

We are saddened that at a time that should have been one of rejoicing and unity a great betrayal took place.  One who we had shown favour to chose to betray their oath, making fresh oaths not to one but two enemies of our race.  An oath breaker trice over.  No reasonable leader could have reacted any other way to such treachery other than to pronounce a sentence of death.  We showed great mercy in that we gave the traitor time to put his affairs in order.  He repaid us by bombarding us with pathetic entreaties and then at the appointed hour aided in the murder of one of our dearest and most loyal children.

We cannot allow the actions of those few fey to prevent the unification of our race.  All fey on Arcadia or Erdreja owe allegiance to us.  Any who support these traitors will be declared outlaw.  Those who do not show allegiance to the Silver Throne will be under a sentence of death.

To all fey who are loyal to the Throne and our race: great honour and glory will be yours if you avenge our son the Lord of Stone.  On reswearing your fealty you will be provided with a list of those we hold responsible and boons will be granted upon proof of death if you dedicate their patterns to the Silver Throne.

To our most faithful breather.

Our son the Blinding Wall has relayed to us your actions in saving his life and you declaration of loyalty.

We have granted the Blinding Wall command over the Athenatoi.

Our Armies will be lead jointly by our firstborn who, after seeing the treat have forsworn their differences and act as one.

The situation in Arcadia is in hand.