Harts Great Council 1099

The Parliament of the Harts of Albion was held at Marchwood Lodge, the site of the Last Hunt at the close of the year 1098.
The itinerary of the Parliament was as much a chance to train and practice skills as to socialise and discuss politics. Six team leaders were selected to head the training teams, and their teams were both selected and assigned at random. The teams were then put through a series of ‘War Games’ so as to test their abilities in co-operation, intelligence and martial skills. A system of scoring the achievements was devised and the teams competed with each other to ‘win’.
On the Saturday evening, the council was called into session. Matters were discussed over the Tomorrow Court, the Theft of items on the field of Honour at the Gathering, Albion law and some alterations that seemed to be needed, Defense of the gate at the Gathering, and several guild matters. There was little spoken of that was secretive or of real interest outside of the Faction as it stood, save perhaps that the Healers have declared to have no policy for or against unliving and pattern corruption.
One matter that was set to be dealt with was the trial of Anakin Darkstryder, who had admitted to the murder of numerous Cornish peasants while investigating the activities of Bandits in Cornwall on the lead up to Rutterkins Wood. Three judges were assigned to the case, but the trial was delayed due to events that followed that night.
Jonathan, one of the Queen’s bodyguards, was kidnapped and it is believed murdered by an unknown human. I am not aware of the full circumstances of this kidnapping, but a thorough search was carried out and I was requested to try tracking the perpetrator of this crime. The tracks ended at a point that a teleportation device was used. Efforts to track the destination kept being confused and the tracking teams were bounced from circle to circle.
The current status of Jonathan is unknown. Attempts to speak with Ancestors didn’t reveal any useful information.
A team went down into the Vampires’ crypt that has been cleaned out after the Last Hunt. At first they felt week and slightly ill, a complaint that scribes and workers had reported prior to the council being called at this local, but this feeling intensified until a creature – humanoid, with a bald head and bushy red beard – burst from the wall and attacked them. This being demanded to be taken to the nearest village, yet still struck out against any who was close. It seemed to be draining the life essence from those close to it and using that essence to heal any wounds it suffered. The group quickly retreated, but the being followed them.
After a skirmish with it outside the Hunting Lodge, it was noted that its rate of healing depended on how many people there were to hand around it. The more people, the faster it healed. However, it looked as if it would be possible for just one or two individuals to engage it and strike it faster than it could close the wounds. Unfortunately, on the two occasions this was tried, the creature charged towards the largest concentration of people in order to heal itself. It then ran off into the night before a third attempt could be made.
On the Sunday, the trial of Anakin Darkstryder was held. The Trial was short as Anakin had confessed to the crimes and had returned to Albion with the express idea to stand trial and face execution. No reason could be given to suspend the death sentence and Anakin requested that the sentence be carried out immediately.
Shortly after, a Tomorrow Court scout was captured approaching the area around the Hunting Lodge. The groups were mustered and it was decided that we would fight in the teams that we had been put in for the training exercises. An order of engagement was sorted and we set out. We quickly encountered the first group from the Tomorrow Court, including Uruks and trolls. After a brief battle, it was proven that we were fighting reasonably well together, though there were a few injuries due to friendly fire.
Our own scouts were sent out to locate incoming groups of Fey as it had been discerned that the Tomorrow court was not sure of our location and had kept in smaller groups in order to avoid detection. Tracks were found and it was quickly realised that one group had bypassed us and had reached the hunting lodge. We returned immediately and located these troops, challenging them to surrender, then putting them to sword and cudgel when they refused.
Four more groups arrived, two even managing to arrive at the same time, but all were defeated. One mage was even surprised as he started casting greater magics and was struck by several Harts who had flanked his people and jumped him – then the main body of Harts troops stormed over him before he could recover.
It has been noticed and confirmed on repeated occasions that the Fey of the Tomorrow Court, although as individual in their strengths and weaknesses as we, are often as easily wounded as we are. However, for the sake of a few of their number who are resilient to metal or worked materials, it is best to carry wooden cudgels, mallets, staves and truncheons to use against them.
The weekend was then called to a close and the team that had performed the best at the games was given their prize – a cake.
Sir Hunter Stryker