Cornish Folk

Leri Penhaligon
Born Lerianneth Constantine, the only daughter of the late Henry Constantine, Baron of Cornwall
under the Lions. Leri was brought up in Pendrinn in the southernmost part of Cornish Albion, and
became her father’s chatelaine at the age of fourteen, following the early death of her mother
Angharad in defence of their casle against bandit skirmishes.
From 1097 onwards, Leri lived in the household of Lord Ranulf and Lady Constance Farendon. She
had followed in mother’s footsteps as an unarmed shieldmaiden who will take to the field of battle
only to protect and heal those who fight and those who have fallen.
Until recently, Leri worked in Odinsheim in Norsca, as part of the Albion diplomatic staff, where she
met Heinrich von Alfeld. She has now returned with him to her home in Caer Pendrinn and they will
be wed at the Gathering of 1099.
At the Harts Moot of 1099, Leri was nominated to be the Head Healer for the Harts of Albion.

William Penhaligon
William is a hotheaded warrior healer, and the second of three Penhaligon brothers. After the
Wickham Muster of May 10, along with Leri, he chose to make Caer Pendrinn independent of House
A contretemps of a military nature with Benedict Karlennon at the Heartland Games of 1099 has
resulted in the sentencing of William to serve the Queen for a year.

Harlin de Roos
A much respected Knight of the Dark Sun. The Dark Sun chapterhouse at Marazion was
decommissioned on the elevenths day of August 1099, after the prophesised Cornish Eclipse. De
Roos is now one of the Hunters group, based in the Greenwood.

Heinrich von Alfeld
Heinrich von Alfeld was, until the Spring of 1099, the Lord Seneschal of the Wolves Faction. He
resigned his position shortly before an expedition to his homeland of Helvetia.
Due to events occurring at the Wickham Muster of May 109, Heinrich chose to make his home with
Leri at Caer Pendrinn.

Otto von Richthausen
Although of high noble Helvetian blood himself, Otto acts as butler to Heinrich von Alfed. He has
therefore also taken up residence at Caer Pendrinn.

May Landreth
May comes from one of the villages of the Wreckers. In late 1097, she was captured by the Sheriff of
Cornwall after a lucky survivor of the wreck of the Queen Elyria swam ashore, lay in hiding, and later
laid information against the group responsible.
Not by any means a ringleader, May was released into the care of Dame Meylor for rehabilitation
and reform.

John Cabot
“I was born in Gwithean, into a small fishing and farming community in Cornwall situated near the
Helford River. I have one brother, Chris, who has not returned from adventuring at sea after one and
a half years. Several times at sea I have had to fight pirates off the coast of Cornwall to stop them
from killing me and taking my boat.
When I travelled to Rutterkins Wood in 1098 with fellow adventurers (and beer drinkers) Rowan and
Elwyn, we met the late General Tarn. We joined forces with him to combat the pirates and returned
victorious with Tarn, who was now the Duke of Cornwall. He asked if we would like to join the group
‘The Hunters’. As we had heard many rumours of how good the group was, we jumped at the
opportunity and all went to the Gathering `1098 as ‘Hunters’. We all fought hard at the Gathering
and enjoyed the drinking and fighting with the Hunters.
After the Gathering I had to return home with Rowan, as we had to work our trades to get money
for our families. It has been a quiet year this year except for the odd smuggler or unwelcome visitor.
Rowan and I will be travelling back up to the Harts Grand Council this year where we can rejoin the

Elwyn lives about a mile outside Gwithean on top of a hill in a Hamlet called Halliggye with his step
father, who has taught him how to be a ritualist and the ways of magic. He is now the ritualist for
the Hunters.

Denzil Heyl
Denzil lives at Gwithean’s main farm with his family and is a healer.

Christ Cabot
It is rumoured that John Cabot’s broth Chris, an archer, has recently returned from adventure on the
high seas aboard the ship The Mattew.

A Brief History of the Trelawneys
In 1072, a wealthy merchant of Caer Pendrinn by the name of Ross Trelawney founded the
Trelawney’s Independent Trades, a trading concern specialising in transporting sea cargo between
Albion and the rest of Erdeja. Within a few years the company began to pay for itself, under the
command of Captain Bartholomew Roberts and his First Mate Jim Tregunna, and the good ship
Millennium Pigeon was often seen entering or leaving most major ports of Albion, Cymria and
Captain Bartholomew Roberts was a dangerous cutthroat best avoided, and the same could be said
Tim Tregunna, but between them they had found a crew that would take any cargo to any
destination in any weather. With a crew such as Trelawney’s Independent Traders prospered for the
next ten years, although the high risk of some of the expeditions resulted in the loss of some seven
successive ships.
In 1087 disaster fell Trelawney’s Independent Traders – old Squire Trelawney died peacefully in his
sleep. As Ross Trelawney had no living heirs, and was survived only by middle aged widow, the
entire company became the property of the Duchy of Cornwall. Now Captain Roberts was no fan of
the Albion administration as he put it, and Jim Tregunna would have laid down his life for ‘Kernow’
in the Troubles if the captain hadn’t dragged him off to sea. To have their ship impounded by the
authorities proved too much – late that evening, the guards on the harbour-side died, and the
Millennium Pidgeon VIII slipped her moorings. Since that day, the Trelawneys have been wanted
men throughout Albion.
In the great storm of 1093, the Millennium Pigeon IX grounded on the southern tip of Cornwall, and
the wrecked crew fled into the night. A week later Captain Bartholomew was killed in Exeter
attempting to steal a ship, but his son Ahab escaped. Three weeks later a warship was stolen from
under the noses of the Albion Navy in Southamption docks. Half the fleet gave chase, but the ship
headed west out towards the edge of the world and beyond – flying the mast was the skull and
crossbones, and the gold and black colours of the Trelawney family.
Nothing was heard of the Trelawneys for many years. Rumour has it that, in the spring of 1098, the
Millennium Pigeon XVII grounded on the west coast of Caledonia during a storm. Under the

command of Captain Ahab Roberts, and armed with a cargo of rum, the Trelawneys a Letter of
Marque from the Bear Faction, as Queens’ Privateers, and have taken a gold and black tartan.
In winter 1098 an old weather-beaten man calling himself Jim Tregunna beached a warship in a bay
just south of Caer Pendrinn, cut a door in the side, announced he had retired, and opened a pub.
According to rumour in the pub at night, the Trelawneys had sailed many strange seas, and battled
many terrifying monsters during their five year voyage of the beyond – many crewmembers had
died, to be replaced by natives and castaways.

Rowan Heartwood
Rowan was a lively chap with a great liking for cider and a natural gift for healing. He came from the
southern part of Cornwall, from a tiny hamlet by the sea called Gwithian which has existed since the
days of the Empire. Although he had had healing with the Cornish pirates since a young age – often
difficult to avoid in this part of Albion – he was made squire by the late General Tarn, for general
good conduct and prowess in combat, having excelled himself by dispatching five opponents during
an incident at the Gathering 1098.
Tragically, Rowan was drowned at sea during the dreadful storms in Spring 1099.