BroRo – Is he legit?

By the Editor, Karl Morgan
Throughout the kingdom in recent times there
have been many voices raised, all asking the
above question. Brother Ross – legitimate
protector and safe pair of hands for the nation,
or a murdering usurper with blood on his
Throughout the common folk, and even
amongst some of the gentry, this question
keeps arising. We have had many submissions
of articles from members of the public touching
on this matter- which ranged from the well
argued, via the illiterately written, unto a level
of scandalous slander which even we would not
stoop to. In the interests of the nation, we will
therefore set out the case as we have been led
to understand it- and indeed have observed
The claim that Brother Ross somehow intrigued
or arranged for our beloved late queen Eloise
to meet her sad end are entirely without merit,
false and wrong. To claim so is not merely an
assault upon Brother Ross, but upon the
memory of the greatest Albione monarch in
living memory. Eloise was not murdered,
assassinated or in any other way ‘taken care of’
by members of her court: her death was one of
tragic self-sacrifice in the interest of our great
nation. Your humble editor was present
throughout the proceedings that led to her
death, and indeed witnessed her final moments
before she left this plane. To insult her memory
is below any citizen of Albion, indeed below the
standards of the crudest foreign knave.
It is no secret that there is little love lost

between our editorial staff and the Lord
Protector, and that we have never been shy to
criticise his actions or inactions within these
pages. And we will forever continue to do so-
the more power that any being holds, the more
important it is that they are held to account in
the eyes of their public.
However disapproval for what someone has
done in reality is different from censuring and
damning them for something that is not only
made up of whole cloth, but which can be
proven wrong verifiably. And such a claim, which
in its very nature attacks a beloved, trusted and
departed monarch, must be cast aside and
criticised in the strongest possible terms. To
cheapen the sacrifice of Albion’s great queen
does not serve to weaken her interim successor,
but rather our entire nation- a nation which she
led through flood, tragedy and chaos and into
the powerful country that we are today. And
here at the Tease, we have one motto which we
carry in our hearts, not on our masthead-
“Albion Before All”.
If Brother Ross or any of the great and supposed
good of Albion given cause for offence against
her people, then you can rest assured that The
Tease and its staff will trumpet it from the
rooftops- as we have done in the past, do now
and will continue to in the future. Likewise, if
there are matters to be celebrated, we will shout
the joy to all- from the richest courtiers to the
humblest subject toiling in the fields. We are no
friend or fawning sycophant to the rich and
powerful- we have suffered, /I/ have suffered for
what we have given voice to in the past,
attacking or calling out such people. But a nation
is greater than its crowned head, and to attack
the spirit of the nation and the memory of our
beloved Eloise, we will never tolerate.