Biographical – Thenni

Georgiana Interviews … Thenni

The following two interviews took place during and immediately after the 1107 Gathering of Nations, which took place on Igneous. Although it’s customary for the High Bard to be the one conducting the interviews, this time round saw Georgiana Hulce-Steiner being the one interviewing Thenni.
The reason for the change was Thenni being selected to be Gazed, wherein she would meet and become tied to the child dragon in the Egg. There was a possibility that Thenni wouldn’t live through the experience and so being close friends with the Story Fae, Georgiana thought her thoughts should be recorded.

Brighthelmstane Librarian, Summer 1107

How did you come to live in Albion?

I thought I’d come and look after the war. All the stuff we’d heard about you was that you were bad and had a daemon prince – but that was because of Titania being corrupted – but when it was over I wanted to see for myself what everyone in Albion was really like. They were bland and empty, it was disappointing but it’s better now. Back then everything was empty and grey.
Why did you choose to stay?

Eclipse. I met her three months after I arrived, at Lundy.
And what was it like being a Story Fae in the Harts?

It was funny, because everyone hated me. *laughs* But also depressing. I was a minority, they didn’t like me but it didn’t bother me too much as I didn’t think much of them.
But then things progressed and eventually you became High Bard. What’s that like?

It’s great.
What Ancestor do you worship and why?

They aren’t Ancestors, they are just the Seven – the Wychwoods were Avatars of them.
Is there a particular one you follow, or is it all of them?

When Titania was being corrupted it was Delirium because it made everything hurt less.
But now?

Well… it must be all of them, but Delirium is still there because he broke my mind so much, he has to be.
What achievement are you most proud of?

I don’t know… I like my happy endings. So Laucian probably and Livia and Valentino. Happy Endings are really rare so I like making them.
Was it scary?

Yes, yes it really was. Although Laucian’s did involve lollipops so that was good. It was the first food he ate once he was fixed.
What is your biggest regret?

Phoenix. [Nicholas Karlennon, also known as Phoenix – Ed.]
Are you looking for love right now?

No. *laughs*
Are you IN love right now?

Yes, quite obviously.
What’s your biggest ambition?

To gaze and come back.
What did you want to be when you were a child?

I just wanted to watch the sunsets.
After a hard campaign how do you relax?

Pester beastkin, sleep, wash, pester beastkin, tickle Eclipse.
How do you spend your spare time?

It used to be the ‘tapestry and chandelier’ routine, but we’ve not done that as much since Twilight was killed, also we moved house. Things have been very busy and strange over the last year.
What can you tell me about Gazing?

You go and you talk to Erdreja. I believe it’s essentially a case of going and placing yourself before her and seeing if she wants you or not.
And if she does want you, what happens next?

I don’t know…
That’s not something you should have figured out before doing it?

No. It’s about putting myself before her in honesty and letting her decide. If you went before her with magical protections it would show a lack of faith in her. It’s up to her. It’s not up to me to judge, what she thinks is right and appropriate.
How will you be spending the hours in the lead up to Gazing?

At the Masquerade Ball and with Eclipse.
If we don’t see you tomorrow is there anything that you would have liked to have done that you’ve not?

Response removed by High Bard before the interview was placed in the library
What’s the best thing about being you?

*laughs* Finding true love and I’m great. I like me.
Is there anything else you’d like to say?

If it all goes wrong I don’t actually want to leave all this behind. I won’t miss it I guess, as I’ll be gone, but thinking about losing all of this makes me sad. So I try not to think about it. I’ve got to go and see Her. Remember me and Eclipse. There are stories that shouldn’t be forgotten; true love should not be forgotten.
Thank you Thenni, my best wishes to you for this evening, and my thanks to you for your friendship. I will see you tomorrow.

Welcome back Thenni, it’s lovely to be able to pick this up again. So tell me what happened after you left the Harts on Saturday night?

Well – we went to the circle, Eclipse and I said our goodbyes, Scullion called us into the circle and we transported down to Erdreja. And I spoke to Her.
And clearly it went well as you’re sat here next to me. Can you tell me anymore about the conversation you had with her?

I don’t think there really are words that can describe it. She showed me everything through her eyes and – I can’t really explain what it’s like to have her greet you with such joy. To trust you…
Was it what you expected? Or completely different?

You didn’t seem to have much of a respite before everything came to a head with the Fire Mask on the Sunday, tell me about what happened from your point of view from the moment the factions entered the field to the conclusion?

*takes a deep breath* The forces of the mask of fire came horrifically close to completing all of the rites and permanently corrupting the elemental planes. She was hysterical towards the end. Rath was being targeted by them, being hurt even as he walked. But I am so proud of the bravery everyone there showed, protecting Her.
Because she’s learnt to look through our eyes now, she told us where the rites were. But honestly, once the battle began it was those who fought who made sure we won. At the back, as a healer, I don’t control anything. They stopped the rites without even needing Her to tell them where…
The idea of people fighting together after so much bitterness throughout the rest of the year is sometimes hard to comprehend, how does Erdreja view all the infighting between the factions?

Er. well. I think as far as I’ve worked it out, that’s actually her thinking…
Oh.. ok…

So what’s next for you Thenni?

*smiles* What’s next? That’s a strange question for me really because – nothing. Nothing’s _next_. I am what I am and I do what I do. I teach and I care. Wasn’t there a question you were going to ask me twice?
A couple actually, I was getting to them. What achievement are you most proud of?

Erdreja choosing me to care for her.
*smiles* Was it scary?

*smiles back* Yes. Until I looked into her eyes, and then I wasn’t scared at all.
Is there anything else you’d like to add to this?

I don’t think so, no.
Ok then. Thank you so much for this Thenni, I can’t stress enough how happy I was to see you on Saturday evening.**

*smile* Thank you George.