Battlecry For Albion

A new song to the faction the latter days of the war against the Empire, Battle-cry For Albion neatly encompasses both morale-boosting ridicule of the faction’s enemies and the grim determination that followed the murder of the Queen. The writers’ intention is that the song might be easily re-worded for use in future conflicts, whilst retaining the same structure and chorus so that any Albione might be able to easily lend a voice.
Library Archivist
Summer 1105

by Jacob Hayward and Hrothgar of the House Of Glass

(Imperial Version)

The Emperor’s raised his ugly head,
(Albion! Albion!)
Likewise his force of living dead.

Swords out and banners high,
(Albion! Albion!)
Raise up your battlecry,

[Subsequent verses follow the same pattern; each
with the calls of “Albion!” between lines and each
followed by a chorus]

So guard your men with key and lock
We hear that Joshrum loves the c … ompany of men

Vespasian has left the fight
He’s keeping Joshrum warm at night

Cassius he’s large indeed
And prematurely spills his s … ecrets

Aquila he had perfect hair
And dressed in women’s underwear

Quintus says he hates the slaughter;
Vespasian’s clone; just five feet shorter

To us they’ve sent Albertus Hroc
Another one who loves the c … ompany of men

[Change time signature from 2:4 to 6:8]

They’ve slain the Queen; they’ve cut her down,
And Hroc is grasping for the crown

They’ve shown us where their honour lies
In parleys with assassins knives

Diplomacy with bitter sting
Take heed or they’ll take everything

So strengthen courage; banish fear
We’ll kick their arses out of here!

For Sagramor has promised me
A slice of cake and cup of tea!

Chorus x 2

Swords out and banners high,
(Albion, Albion!)
Our land will never die,