Ancestors of the Tribes


Nethras is the mother goddess. She is the one who is the land from which we come. She is the blood that flows through us all. She is patron of children and guardian of the old and infirm. She is the one that guides the hands of our warriors whilst they are growing, and comforts the brow of our elders as they give their sage council.
But this is not her only aspect. She is also the mistress of war. A blood red haze is her gift to those who would call upon her name. She gives the secrets of blood and honey that would make any warrior a hero. She fights as a mother, defending her children, a badger defending it’s set. It is a most ferocious fury and one that few men could stand against.
She is also the lady that looks in the darkness, the crow that flies in the night, bringing fear and death to those trespass against her followers. She knows the names of all that have wronged her, and will strike back three-fold against them.
Nethras is depicted in many forms. The two most common are a woman dressed in furs with a sword a shield defending her children or a crone in long black robes.
Her symbols include the crow, grain, a dagger or a shield.


Calligar is the lord of the hunt. He is the one that provides for the tribes and finds them food, shelter and water. He is a generous master for he shall share his finds in hunting with his people in return that they do the same.
Where Nethras will protect the people that follow her, Calligar shall strike out against their enemies. Bringing death and fury in abundance. He is the lord of vengeance and in the mantle he knows no barriers. Calligar is known to grant his followers blessings so they may be made stronger and recover from even the most grievous wound, but when the vengeance is completed they must join him upon his hunt. For they have transcended the realm of man – and sworn themselves to his service for ever.
Calligar is depicted in many forms. The two most common are that of a hunter with bow or axe or the green man – a human creature with the body of the woodland.
His symbols include an axe, the stag, an arrow or a tree.