A report from the Emperor’s first appearance

The Emperor – Josharim II

A Liche. *Was* a Tebronian Emperor, but it wasn’t Tebron himself. One of the later ones, maybe. If he’s a liche, he’s a very powerful one, his weakest followers could only be dismissed by a very large incantor wedge. He could also apparently use mind affecting magics on Scullion although I did not see that personally. I do know that his followers could take unfeasibly large amounts of damage without falling over. It appears Tebron may actually be a title similar to Lord which could explain the confusion over names. According to the Emperor himself, and Scullion. The Emperor’s name was ‘Josharim the second’ he was apparently a good Emperor and died when a ritual circle blow up killing him and his entire family. Scullion said that the destruction of the ritual circle destroyed half of the empire.
The old Emperor said that he had come back to take over the empire again (and thus remake the empire) They where also talking about raising places from the bottom of the ocean. We believe that he may be wanting to raise a ritual circle called Malkarn. Malkarn (formerly known as Tebronia and renamed Malkarn after Tebrons’ death) is reputed to be the location of the great ritual circle where the last cataclysm erupted from, before it and great swathes of land sunk beneath the waves. The ritual circle Malkarn is protected by a company of old Empire golem guards (called the Dragon Guards?) and they are quite dangerous!
If you ever encounter the Emperor, remember that purple is the Imperial colour, and don’t wear any. Apparently the Emperor became quite enraged at people in his presence who had the gall to wear his colour.

The Empress

She wanted to catch up with the latest fashions, had a fondness for tea and cake that would put a Hart to shame, all food and drink that she touched spoiled instantly (which made the tea and cake disgusting)… And she was as mad as a hatter. Someone with clearsight said she had the strength equivalent to require 50 – 70 incantors or so if she were to be dismissed, but as she’s a barrowwight she’ll just reform in her Barrow, wherever that may be.