Ye Note from Ye Editor

These are sad days for Albion. The greatest
monarch of living memory has passed from our
throne to run with the Wild Hunt, and the
future for our proud land seems that little bit
darker for her absence.
But though our hearts are heavy with grief, let
us remember Eloise for what she represented,
for the good that she did and the joy that she
filled her broken people with from the moment
she ascended to the throne.
I do not think of her as I last saw her, making

the ultimate sacrifice for her beloved people-
for though that is a noble memory, it is too

tinged with sadness.
I had the privilege to serve her personally for a
year, after ill-judged action led to my
punishment of being her ‘royal slave’. And yet,
punishment it was not! Eloise’s kindness,
humour and good nature meant that for myself,
this was no punishment detail but a treasured
education in how to love and serve my faction,
learned by following her great example.
Powerful, stern when she needed to be, regal
always, there always remained in her late
majesty a spark of humour, of (dare I say the
word) mischief and an indulgent love for her
people no matter how they may err. I
remember once coming into the Cream Tease to
see her wearing my hat, sitting in my chair and
waving my cane, mocking me mildly to an
audience of amused uruks, drunkards and her
personal guards. Truly, that is the best way to
remember a truly remarkable woman- from all
aspects. Her beauty, her wit, her dedication to
allowing her people to pursue their goals and
aims, an acceptance of the need for the
entrepeneurs such as myself to flourish as we
remade Albion together.
Rest in peace, ‘er Maj, your people will never
forget you.