Valens Promise

A few short weeks ago, a mild panic took place in the capitol of Forest Glenn, when a column of armoured figures were seen marching toward the city. Bearing tabards of Black and White, they stopped outside the city gate and sent a small group forth to announce them.The small entourage entered and spoke to the commander of the watch and the remainder of the company, around 200 strong, set up outside in a defensive posture aided by the city guard.The following announcement was given a short time later by the dark elven leader of the force:

“Commander Jaiven Darkblade, does hereby pledge the forces of the Order of the Black Hand outside Forest Glenn to the court of Queen Eloise Hunter and the Harts of Albion. As per a request made in the last will and testament of General Valen Darkblade, a force of elite and seasoned warriors have been in training, awaiting a call to serve Albion. The Order of the Black Hand sent the call a few months ago and we have now responded. We are here as per Valen’s last wishes, a promise to defend Albion. General Grey has overall command of the force. Albion Forever.”

For more information on joining the Order of the Black Hand or its military force for Albion, please contact Utred Ketilson, Chakra or Dean Grey.