Upon Matters Arising at the Heartland Games of 1099

First day of June, 1099 A.F.
A trial was held at the Heartland Games of 1099 of William Penhaligon of Caer Pendrinn.
He was charged with Treason by Lord Benedict Karlennon for the offence of striking a superior officer at a time of war. He pleaded guilt, and due to mitigating circumstances was sentenced to serve the Queen for 1 year from that day. He was also stripped of all military rank.
He shall therefore act as one of the duty healers at the Chapel at Winchester Castle for the aforesaid period. He will also accompany the Queen when she travels, at her command.
His loyalty to the Queen and the Harts remains unquestioned and it is the Queen’s wish he be treated with the respect due to any Hart. His service to Albion is distinguished and must never be forgotten.
Signed this day, 1st June 1099 at Winchester Castle.
Ranulf Farendon

Earl-Marshall of Gloucester

Lord High Chamberlain of Albion

Be it known that Lord Benedict Karlennon has stepped down from both his post as Knight Commander of the Armies and as Master of the Assizes. He continues to run House Karlennon and aid in the defence of Albion.
Queen Elspeth has appointed Celadore, Baron of Winchester as the temporary Earl-Marshall of Winchester, responsible for all civil adminstration within the Duchy. The Queen shall appoint a permanent replacement later along with a new Master of the Assizes.
Ranulf Farendon