Unrest in the North

A Report from the Herald’s own Northern Correspondent, Cregan Penrith

Reports have reached the Queen’s Herald of bizarre events taking place very recently in the refugee camps surrounding the City of Carlisle.
Witnesses report that without any prior build up or apparent reasoning a large group of 16 men and 7 women of varying ages, suddenly and without warning began to indiscriminately and viciously attack fellow refugees and guards, in some cases using only their teeth and hands. In the resulting fray, one poor child was bludgeoned to the floor before guards could step in.
The rioters, unresponsive to the guards calls for calm, had to be violently restrained. This unfortunately caused the deaths of two of the male refugees. The surviving rioters are currently being kept in isolation at Castle Carlisle, though their frenzied condition seems to be of an aggressive state. More concerning is that several of those injured in the attack now seem to have caught an infection of some kind, appearing delirious, and, in some cases, losing the ability to respond to questions.
Guards and those responsible for the camps are shocked. The camps were in good state with many of the refugees finding suitable employment on the ongoing projects in Keswick and Northern Albion, and while hunger was always an issue the camps had recently received supplies from benefactors within the Duchy.
With no explanation as of yet, the situation is being closely monitored.