Unliving Army marches on Selby! By Warscout Alice Hopkins

It was towards the last days of the seventh month of 1114, that the mysterious force that has come to be known as ‘The Fallen Company’ appeared in Albion in force from the Vale of York, which as I am sure our readers are aware, continues to be a hot bed of military activity.

During their initial conflict, the force engaged with the valiant Lion’s First Legion. These valiant fighters from Lantia weathered the storm well, but not without casualties, holding the unliving back as long as they could. Similar smaller military engagements also occurred with the Alchemist’s army also integral. Despite this the force itself burst through, seemingly heading southwards as if leaving the area of conflict. The Company appears to be comprised largely of infantry with estimates placing numbers in the region of one to two thousand men strong.

Many of these unliving still wear the uniforms of their past lives – a mix of the original York battalion and the military Free Company known as the Crows of Albion, founded in the Duchy. While they march tirelessly, there is no evidence of any known leader at this time. Likewise attempts to make contact or communicate with the unliving have been met with violence – individuals cut down in a dishonourable manner, their patterns corrupted and raised to join their ranks. Many people report hearing that these actions have been taken in the name of Mother and Father, though as of writing, only the Mother has been identified as Trinity’s own Nethras.

As of writing the force appears to have made movements towards the city of Selby in the Duchy of Winchester, hundreds of mile southwards. The city of Selby is however defended by a series of wards, empowered by the brave people of Erdreja when Albion fell in 1114. While the pillars still stand strong, so too does Selby, though many remain

concerned as to what the tide of unliving will mean for the city, when they arrive, it is estimated on the penultimate day of the Gathering of Nations. Even now stockpiles run low in certain areas of the city as citizens prepare for the long siege ahead.

Likewise there are similar concerns in Pendrinn, after a ghostly fleet was spotted off the coast, several weeks ago. While it has moved slowly closer, as of writing, the fleet has yet to engage the small coastal village, which stands strong with passionate Cornish spirit against the unliving plague which seeks to corrupt it.

More reports on these unliving forces will be shared as and when we can get them with our loyal readership.