Reports concerning the quest into the Mists and the choice of Albion’s new Trinity

The Choosing of the Trinity of Albion. 1106, one month before the Cataclysm

Our entire party lost each other on the way into the Mists, emerging in small groups alone and lost. We all encountered figures then looming out of the darkness towards us, crying out for us to feed them. Several people were taken down by these creatures who seemed able to harm us with their hands alone. It was later concluded that these creatures were ‘lost’, trapped in the mists at a time of choosing without an ancestor to follow and believe in. When they dropped people, some began to suck their pattern from them – but none were allowed to complete their attempts.
The hut we found ourselves drawn to was filled with villagers from a nearby village and was also inhabited at points by a masked figure who represented during our time there, all of the ancestors to be chosen. He changed mannerism and form as each ancestor came to the fore. A few orcs arrived to champion their ancestor ‘Shogroth’, but ultimately their cause was doomed when one of them mentioned Dunwich Vale. Many dead orcs later, it seemed that Shogroth’s chances had flown with the wind.

During that evening we found the Puck-representative who told us there was a puzzle to be found and solved in order to gain power. We achieved this whilst fending off the ever-present Lost, and a vision of men in Imperial colours moving through the mists was received as a lady accidentally bumped against the Pendragon throne. Unfortunately as the puzzle was solved and the reward chosen, the mists closed in on us and I do not believe anyone remembers what happened next.
The next time remembered it seemed to be morning and the villagers all claimed we had spent the night with them.
Three shrines were found and promptly dedicated – to Hunter, Nethras (as Yollo got there first) and Pendragon. Lost continued to attack, although with much greater strength.

It was becoming more obvious that the villagers seemed likely to be reflections of the state of ancestral play as we continued our time in the mists, the relationships between them changing as time went on.

Those who had entered the Mists without a belief or adherence to one of the potential trinity had re-appeared that morning in the circle with a red triangular wound upon their faces. It seemed likely that as these markings were the same as those on the faces of the Lost, that if this state continued, they too would become Lost. This triggered something of a feeding frenzy amongst ancestral followers as they tried to convert non-believers to their own particular cause. Ultimately this continued all day as the choosing did not go smoothly in all cases, with people either being rejected by their chosen ancestor; or having great trouble choosing one at all.
I obtained the Story Orb from one of the followers of Puck, in exchange for the story of how I had been seeking it for over a year. Due to its potentially lethal effects upon myself if in the wrong hands, the Lord Provost gave permission for its presence to be retained amongst a select few.
Albertus Hroc and his followers then arrived at the circle and began the attempt to re-dedicate the Nethras shrine to the Mother. All of the Harts went to disrupt their rite, however in the process Yollo was brutally murdered by Hroc and his men, due to his intense adherence to Nethras and his attempts to stop them. The beastkin then ate Yollo’s body, something he would have approved of.
During the day the Story Orb stolen from the Story Fae by Valentine was recovered by the High Bard. The High Bard and v’Ar used it later that evening to remove the Enchantment from Albertus Hroc, thus enabling the next day’s binding of the Trinity to the King. Unfortunately the removal of the Enchantment took place too late to prevent the Pendragon taking Hroc’s pattern into itself when it took back up its own power from him. Albertus Hroc’s pattern is now part of the Pendragon ancestor.

The Enchantment was also removed from the land of Albion by this story rite; replaced instead within the Story of Albion, guarded by the Story Fae. As a consequence the King is now no longer lingered under the malaise that has haunted him.

The Story Fae castles have now also disappeared from the area of Silverlake.
A rite was performed to deal with the ever-present Lost.
The Harts were then presented with their new Trinity. It was confirmed that most of the villagers had indeed been an aspect of an ancestor, so each stepped forward and spoke on who they were and what they stood for. The new trinity members were then declared: Hunter, Nethras and the Pendragon. The Mother swore to Nethras, Calligar muttered darkly, said he was off to Teutonia and he would see us again, Puck went back to work for the Hunter, and largely the whole thing was accepted. With the exception of Manananan who mouthed his way through about half of his threatening vocals before the Harts descended en masse to bash him unconscious. Sadly this did not succeed and he Stole the mists unto himself, then disappeared. He left in his place the Manananan Arbiter who tried to follow after our new Trinity. We were left a little confused in a field near Alton.
The rest of the evening was then taken up by Cal Poll’s wedding, the arrival of Torvell and also by numerous happily drunken villagers and travelling performers.
The next day we performed the ritual to bind the new Trinity to the King. As fully expected we were attacked repeatedly by Manananan followers then by Mananan’s arbiter, who notably, had tentacles and also the capacity it seems to cause decay.
In retrospect this does rather suggest he is somewhat corrupted. Some of his followers appear to be corrupted sea fae – who aside from being forced to fight from him are turning to unliving upon their death. The shocked reaction of the other Manananan followers suggests that this was unexpected!
Once the fight and the ritual were done, a declaration was read out by the Lord Provost, noting that any charges raised during the mission were all under the amnesty, closed and finished.