Trell Mission Report

Expedition to the Trell Marshes, Autumn 1105.
Report compiled by Company of the Blackened Staff

Day 1

On the approach to Trell, almost all our escorting soldiers could talk about was Caliban. Their hasty departure upon arrival suggested a genuine level of fear, however fortified by our supplies of salt, our band continued towards the Trell village.
One encounter with the Trell protections (ghost fences which cause fear and can, we believe be circumvented by dancing and singing, or possibly favours from the Trell) later, we were allowed in through a back route, and entered the village.
It became quickly apparent that despite the deaths of the original volunteers for breeding with Trell (Chi’ Nyan, Corrigan Grimmir and Lysander Constantine), the beastmen had taken on the challenge. A fair proportion of the villagers were beastmen and some conflict was occurring as the baby beastmen were now grown in their own eyes, but in the eyes of the villagers had another 10 years before they could come of age. Further conflict was springing from the presence of a priest of the Architect who was attempting to ‘civilise’ the Trell – a plan which seemed to include the rather foolish idea of building in a marsh…
The Trell appeared fairly resentful of his attempts to change their traditions. However he seemed to have more of a point when it came to wanting them to stop staking people out for trolls to eat.

Confusing points by this stage were:
– the mention of Trolls, which had apparently been around for ages, but earlier expeditions had never discovered. Indeed we did not see any this time either, although their tracks were noted.

The Trell tribes have 3 groups, (spelling may not be accurate)

Cha – warriors
Cha-Ka (?) – Leaders/druids
Chu – gatherers

There was also disease within the village, a sleeping sickness which rendered people remarkably weak and prone to collapsing into sleep with the slightest exertion. Will-o-wisps were also attracted by the activity and several people had to be stopped from wandering into the woods.

After lengthy discussion and some precautionary laying of salt lines, we moved out towards the nearby ruins – rumoured to be haunted.
Ignar Ramus was found staked out and rescued. Troll tracks were found, in the area, along with the footprints of 2 people who had dragged him out there and then left. Although rescued from that, he was later that evening found sacrificed, details of which are uncertain

Upon reaching the ruins, we found it inhabited by a large number of wraiths. A fight occurred with said wraiths prior to our mass entry.
There we discovered that Galahad stalked those ruins. He appeared quite civil for all the rumours and tales we had heard, on that first night at least.
It is worth noting that in life, Galahad had been a Dream Fae. He was identified in this state as a revenant. He spoke of times when the Seven were bound to the crown of Albion, he spoke of his mistress and her way, he spoke of how he had sworn two oaths (believed to be one to his king, one to his faith) and in the end how the two had come into conflict and he had not been able to keep both of them. The breaking of oath seemed to tear at him, perhaps it was something he just could not forgive within himself. He carried out noble deeds that evening but still seemed wracked with guilt over them.

When Eclipse and Thenni were being paralysed and feasted on by some slime creatures, he pulled Thenni backwards out of the way and attacked the creature to try and get it off them. When that did not work, he went to find people to help. However in attacking the creature that was killing Eclipse, he was filled with guilt for breaking his oath to never take a life.
It is worth pointing out that he was using the darker incantations when attacking people the next night. Thenni said that up to this point she had not known of dream fae with incantation.

The ruins contained 2 buildings, one with several rooms that seemed to be slept in, and another we could not initially enter. Outside in the compound a wolf’s head hung from a chain. The larger building was entered first, investigated and found to be trapped. Those inside were asked to leave as it was said that disturbing them strengthened the protections. This was later found to be untrue, but permission was gained by Jacob from Galahad so that we could investigate with out been seen as tomb robbers.
Several boxes were discovered there containing a variety of items.
The first box contained a head, and a pack of cards, a number of which turned out to be magical, these were given to Glycell to examine. The other boxes contained gems and goblets. The owner of these items was never actually found, although it was suggested that they had been sleeping in the ruins during the day while it was safe.

A group went out to find the local lizard tribe who reportedly had the banner we were there to seek. The lizard tribe denied all knowledge and said the other tribe (Siltwalkers, previously associated with Sygorax and Caliban) had it. Due to the darkness and the apparently due to the fact that there were scary things out there, we did not mount any expedition that night.

Galahad claimed he had given warning to not open the final shrine as it would de-power the banner, however if so, our information networks were not sufficiently in place at that stage for the information to be widely distributed, and the final shrine (located in the smaller building) was opened. This appeared to be a major cause of Galahad’s growing anger against us.

That said, given Galahad’s actions the next night it is unsure how far we can trust what he said then. Whilst he seemed noble, mannered and capable of emotion, his longing for the banner was obviously intense and wildly out of proportion, furthermore he did on several occasions suggest to Thenni that he could turn out to be the villain.

Day 2

Rising after dawn and then discussing things for a while, it seemed fairly certain we had missed Galahad’s suggested deadline of ‘first light’ for the banner’s retrieval. A trip went back out to the nearby Trell village to find herbs for those inflicted by the sleeping sickness. Torvell had discovered it was more a fever than a disease, one cured by feeding the patient mustardseed, which hugely elevated their temperature and burnt the fever from them. Another suggestion tried was to wrap the patient in warm blankets and place them in a steamed room. Messages were also sent out to the lizard tribes within the marshes, and several attacks were withstood from exploding venom creatures.

Word came in that a fae party was being set just around the corner, brought by the Court of the Dream, complete with bunting. After a brief foraging expedition, we set out to investigate. It became apparent that the lady’s champion had been killed previously, and so she sought a new one through 5 competitions. Combat, story, wit (in the form of insults), hunting and we are now unsure on the fifth although charm is suggested.

Several attacks came from creatures that when they fell, exuded something causing decay to those around. After dealing with that, competitions resumed. The story competition however suffered some delay and confusion when one of the players, Julian Charenten, disappeared.

The game was hurriedly concluded (with a surprise and quite good twist ending by Theodore Charenten involving a ghost that had become separated from the boat he haunted), and a group came together to go and find him. We were guided by an incorporeal Erin man who was seeking the rescue of his mistress.
On our path we encountered bandits (squirrels and badgers), things that went meep, women offering food (more squirrels), an immensely strong warrior (a boar) and quite a lot of quicksand. The House of Glass had accompanied and were extremely helpful in all areas. Eventually we arrived and a loud lizardman demanded to know who sought to fight for the honour of the lady, the incorporeal man’s mistress.
The lady being said Charenten, covered with enchantment of a female.

Aisla Chareten fought for the honour of her wife. Sadly she was defeated in the field of battle, and so the rest of the party was forced to turn on the fae attempting to forcibly marry off the lady. The priest especially displayed a surprising turn of speed in escaping from the area when attacked by Eclipse and Thenni. We returned the Charentens to the rest of the party, where the enchantment over Julian was lifted by the production of his story-competition ending “and all was restored to its original state” by a helpful dream fae.

It is worth noting that despite the statements by an angry Aisla Charenten, fae were involved in all stages of rescuing her husband. Furthermore there is no actual evidence whatsoever to suggest that they were involved in his disappearance.

The Lord Sagramor was introduced to his sister, the Princess Helene, the lady for whom the competitions were being held.

Those champions that won the various competitions were given a favour that would help them on the trip into the dark dream to retrieve Arthurs banner.
One favour had been lost (the fae that had been wearing it had been knocked over the back of the head and the favour stolen while running the hunting competition).
5 candles stood in a circle and were lit when a person entered the dreaming. They were bound back to the real world by the favour being tied around the candle. Four Harts ventured into the dream and found themselves in a drama, those that did not act in character were killed and returned to the real world.

When Tyto when into the dream the favour went with her meaning she had no link
(we believe that this was due to the fact she was fae). The 5th that went in went after Tyto, knowing that he did not have a link back to the real world but chose to go anyway.

After some trial and error, Glycell was able to complete the dream and returned with a rough idea of the location of the banner, although still no sign of those without favours.

Leading us there, a fight broke out with other inhabitants of the glade which was by the end of the fight covered in bodies. It was just drawing to darkness so with a cautious eye to what might come out of the trees, we began searching for the banner. Eventually Eclipse found it beneath a tree, hidden within some brambles.

This allowed the party to return to the ruins. Many people went out to go foraging, in a display of atrocious bad luck. As they were gone, creatures appeared from the Nightmare Realm with Tyto and Marius of the Winchester Battalion. Sagramor in attempting to aid Tyto flee from the three surrounding her, himself became trapped and fell. Those who could escape from the compound fled into the woods to gain aid from their companions, which did indeed come in time enough to save their lives.
The creatures which appeared from the Nightmare Realm were rumoured to be Caliban. However they stepped over salt lines, they sang no sea shanties and they did not apparently look like sailors. The largest of them, a creature referred to as Lord Caliban had taken a hand from each of the two returned from the Nightmare Realm and had them attached to himself. Tyto reported that ‘the witch’ used the two hands to complete and raise her ‘son’. It was also reported that Lord Caliban summoned ‘creatures of darkness’ to do his bidding, these may be the creatures that crossed the salt lines. It was reported that he simply left the compound and so should be considered to be at large in Albion

Some suggestion was raised in discussion that the fascination in removal of body parts might relate to one of Albion’s old enemies – Vorax, one of the trinity of witches which also included Sygorax and Sharlee. She was primarily known for her presence in the WitchKing’s garden and her then demand for eyes from those questing. This would also relate to the witch referred to by Tyto.

We then sat and waited for people to come back from foraging and Eclipse discovered the significant paperwork by one of Galahad’s guardians, relating to his destruction.

We began to realise that the banner was exerting some mind effects upon its bearer, Corvus Hroc. Corvus was at that point issued a guard.

Four guardians of Galahad appeared while Eclipse and others were reading through the rather long diary in bad light, (Phillipe, and 3 others) to warn that Galahad was approaching, and to add the rather ominous phrase “If any of your people put themselves in a position to allow Galahad to break his oath [to not kill] then we will not allow him to do so”.

It was a point of curiosity as why they were so concerned as the night before Galahad had been entirely civil, excluding one utter rage about our inability to regain the banner. Thenni had hoped to speak to him on the second night and find out more in an attempt to give him a happier ending.

Eclipse and Jacob of the House of Glass talked to Philippe about the rite to take down Galahad and what was needed. Blood of 3 generations of Galahads line, declarations of representatives of the 7 houses/tribes, old banner and new banner.

A long and arduous attack from (not the Siltwalker) tribe began at that stage. They may have considered that we had killed their King – and in fairness we thought we had, but it turned out to be a minion. Despite our insults to the lizards which claimed otherwise, our lines were sorely pressed and our healing was beginning to run fully dry. Julian Charenten then decided it was necessary to take assorted people to have a meeting with regards to secret matters. Some considerable anger (and incredulity from guests) was felt at this decision, as it was the same situation which had occurred at Dunwich Vale, leading to many many deaths. Complaint was raised and upheld the next day against this decision.
Thomas Charenten was at that point dragged behind the lizards lines (by the lizards!) and murdered.

Sagramor kicked every one out of the meeting and the rite was finally started as the attacks continued at the gate

The attack continued, and then in the midst of the rite, Galahad appeared in the middle of the ruins. Of those not at a gate fighting lizards or within a rite there were a few who were floating, due to roving assassins coming in over the walls, guarding the healers and repairing armour including the Company of the Blackened Staff, Martin Karlennon and Rath’enn D’Abo of the Viper nation. We did our best against a raging knight of great power and dark incantations, but it is quite possible that had those at the gate not finally heard what was happening and sent reinforcements that we would have been murdered within sight of everyone. Solstice is to be commended for his bravery at distracting Galahad from the injured, while seriously wounded himself.

The rite was finally finished and Galahad was despatched, hopefully for good.

Day 3

With the next day, came the decision to leave Trell as we had done what we had gone for. However we were told we were marching to Hythe Keep where a wedding was to take place between Alisha Karlennon and Lord Farendon (first name unknown) According to a report that had come in, some people were trying to declare her queen as she was actually the heir and not Edward. This caused much confusion, as no one had any idea why this was the case. It seems that some of those held in the anti magic cells in Winchester believed that history/the enchantment had been changed by the Harts at least 5 years ago, resulting in a change of heir to the current King, Edward.

After a 15 mile march, we reached the Keep which was guarded by Malahut’s men. After demanding entrance we eventually fought our way in. The bride was taken to safety by the House of Glass genie. One man lay beheaded behind the throne.

Minutes later a band of undead attacked, having turned up with a liche, why he was there was uncertain, although someone suggested that he was there for the wedding.

As various heads of households touched the Pendragon throne they received conflicting images of who should sit upon it. Whether significant or not, it is noted here that Julian Charenten received some message of pain when he touched the throne. As we fought off the undead, it was decided by Lady Madeleine Falcon that the Queen of Hearts card found in the Trell ruins should be invoked – not least because it would not have been present if we were not meant to use it.

The card summoned a Fortune elemental which granted the invoker (in this case Thenni) a large amount of protection from everything, with some limits, largely the speed of the elemental itself. In essence she became incredibly lucky, and was able to hit the liche himself a number of times, largely without fatal wounds. We were unable to rally the fighters to supply the support required to kill it although it did retreat from the area. It is worth noting that the card is now no longer magical.

Problems and outstanding issues from the expedition:

– There seems to be a growing reluctance to do hazardous things. I can understand it as I cherish my life as much, maybe more, than the rest, but if we are to be heroes of Albion then we must be that. We must risk, we must challenge, we must do our all to rescue our companions. Their not being our own friends is not a reason to not do so (Thenni)

– Who was the liche who appeared after the wedding was broken up? Why did he appear? There is some inference that he was in fact invited to the wedding, suggesting he was an Albione noble of some sort.

– Why are random stories floating around and latching on to people? The events are perhaps a matter for their own story, suffice to say that I am somewhat concerned. If stories are randomly latching onto things – such as squirrels and woodland creatures– then this is not normal. Whilst it is funny enough now it could rapidly become un-funny. I do also wonder if there was some link between this and the enchanted animals we discovered so frequently in Cornwall in the Spring. So I feel this is an area for investigation – or at least initially consideration.

– Why do some people think we have the wrong monarch?

– Is Vorax still a problem? Furthermore, where has this Lord Caliban gone?


Ignor Ramus
Sacrificed as a gift to stop Trolls
Thomas Charenten
Murdered by lizards on the Saturday night
Seth (?) of House Fisher
Murdered by lizards on the Saturday night

My thanks to the Company of the Blackened Staff for this report. It is most interesting.

However, I feel I must correct you on something. I hope you will forgive me.

The calling of a meeting was not the key to the rout at Dunwich Vale. This tragedy came about for two reasons.

Firstly, members of the Company of the Black Boar fell upon and killed the goblin diplomats on the Saturday night, having been given permission to do this by Manawyddan.

Secondly, during the battle we were forced to fight the following morning as a result of this action, Manawyddan superseded the chain of command and ordered that the assembled Harts should hold off the 2000-strong goblin army indefinitely, after General Lysander had already given the order to retreat.

A meeting did take place afterwards between the commanders – both civil and military – left alive, but the outcome was by then a certainty.

This is a matter of public record, and was discussed during an open meeting at the Heartland Games in 1104.

I apologise for bringing this matter up here, but we must never forget the truth of what happened, lest it be allowed to happen again.

Yours in friendship,

Hadrian Constantine

Mistress Acathenni,

I hope in the fullness of time to produce a report of this mission and the significant occurrences as soon as circumstances do allow. I will however take the opportunity to correct certain errors in this current report pertaining to the meeting of household heads held at my request on the Saturday night of this past mission. These errors are mainly of timing and interpretation and my be addressed simply by telling the tale in full of what transpired and why the decisions made were made.

So then, of meetings admist the mayhem …

I judged then as I judge now that the issue on which we met that night was of vital importance to Albion and her peoples. I contacted each of the household leaders of the realm present (including the newly joined companies of House of Glass and House Fisher for they had as much right as any to know the truth of the struggles to come) and gathered them to tell them what House Charenten and House Karlennon had learned of a grave constitutional crisis in the making – namely that it was possible that nobles of Albion had been subjected to an enchantment altering our knowledge of the past and true succession of the monarchy to threaten the realm with Civil war.

All household leaders save those of House of Glass (who judged they were too new to Albion to give council on the issue) saw the importance of immediate discussion and resolution of loyalties and oaths of fealty. These matters were discussed in two separate meetings and a decision was reached as was absolutely required by the needs of the day and future.

The first meeting lasted a matter of minutes before alarum was raised and we repaired instead to the gates of the camp to repel a major attack from the Lizardmen. Everyone acted swiftly and joined the fray without demurral.

(Now it is necessary to remember that the attack of the lizard tribe continued for several hours in total and involved virtually all of our company defending the gates and entrances to our fortified position for a long period. The lizard attacks came in waves and waxed and waned over the course of the evening.)

It was this first major attack of the Lizardmen that saw the capture and subsequent death of Thomas Charenten and Master Fisher despite the strenuous efforts and counter charge attempted by House of Glass and House Charenten fighters present. We fought a good twenty minutes beyond the safety of the fortifications but could make absolutely no headway against the sorcerous power and continual reinforcement of the lizard host. Only when I received the wise counsel of Jacob of the House of Glass that the fallen were almost certainly dead of their wounds by now did I give the order to retreat once more into the fortifications.

Leaving a member of any household of Albion to death and darkness is not an easy decision but in this case as in others the needs of the many outweighed the tragedy of the few and we had to fight on and act in the best interests of the realm. So it was that with internal fortifications as secure as they could be and with the lizard threat in abeyance for a time, we returned to the meeting earlier interrupted and the vital decisions ahead.

Why was it necessary to this discussion then and there?

Earlier that evening, House Charenten and House Karlennon had been approached by relatives of our own extended household begging us to declare for another monarch. A rival contender to the Pendragon throne of the Karlennon line. We’d listened also to fragmentary evidence and claims that all of Albion save those remote by anti-magic from the realm had been ensorcelled by a mighty enchantment wrought many years ago. We were told the hallows and treasures of the realm would not recognise the Kingship of Edward, we were told his crowning was false and we were dupes for swearing to him. We were urged to steal Arthur’s banner, to slay Sagramor and those around him and to stand with a “true” monarch representing Albion’s sovereignty and best interests. Grave revelations indeed I think you will now agree.

Now House Charenten had chosen in isolation in response to this approach to maintain our oath to King Edward and resist these inducements to the limit of our strength and lives, but I believed then (as I do now) that such important decisions were for the leaders of all households sworn to the throne to make and renew their oaths upon. And given further that Arthur’s banner was at risk of a theft endangering all our futures, it was wise and necessary for all truths to be shared and all leaders of the company to be appraised of the stakes in contest ahead.

I have never believed it is right for an army to fight in ignorance for the games of the few and if a man is to die in fight and quest then he has a right to know why he is fighting and for what cause he may breath his last. Only Lord Sagramor himself wasn’t invited to this meeting and this on his own orders and direction given the prior evening to myself and the Duchess of York when we were given command of the mission.

Now it has been said that my decision to hold this discussion and share the secrets we’d learned immediately endangered guests to the hearth of Albion and imperil’d the company I led. This may well be so, yet my decision was made and my decision stands and I would do the same again should the same choice befall me. We were in a perilous position and it was entirely possible that the entirety of House Charenten (and indeed House Karlennon) could be slain that evening – if we’d fallen without sharing the knowledge we’d learned, then our failure to our oaths as knights and champions of the realm would have been complete and lamentable. The realm had to be warned. The households had to reaffirm their oaths and go with knowledge and affirmed trust in each other to face the challenges ahead. Our enemies drew power from our ignorance and mutual distrust, only faithful reconciliation and honest company could confront this danger.

I am proud that we held that meeting. I am proud that we maintained our oaths and deported ourselves as true leaders and champions of the realm. The revelations before us were sufficient to break the faith of lesser men and women yet it did not phase us for the moment. All the leaders of gathered households decided to honour the oaths given and to stand with Edward regardless of threat and enchantment and the lies and inducements of brigand lords and petty princes devoted instead to their own close advancement and pacts with devilry and unliving foulness. We were the equal of our names and earned the trust placed in us by the King, the realm and the people of Albion.

So yes, the company of Albion was threatened that night. Yes, lives were staked on the decision I made. Yes indeed, the gates would have been more secure for a time had we stood in ignorance rather than fought with knowledge and faith as we did … but for all this, why does a champion of the realm and true sworn subject of Albion volunteer for such service if not to risk their lifeblood and future in the service of their fellows, their crown, and the dream of Albion itself?

I have no sympathy for, nor understanding of, those that journey out on perilous quest and then carp about the dangers and personal risk experienced. Common soldiers and brave peasantry risk their lives each day in the service of the realm and country that we love. It is neither meet nor honourable for the households and nobility of the realm to do any less with every breath and passing day. And if foreign guests of Albion risked their lives alongside our own then they have the thanks and guest-service they have earned by their friendship and loyalty when matters turn and dangers threaten their own realms they may be assured of our support and friendship given freely likewise and in boldest measure. This at last is how the nobility of noble realms shall conduct affairs and pay service and support to each other’s causes and strife therein.


At the last this second meeting reaffirmed the loyalty of the Houses of Albion to the King and to each other. And while the Lizardmen presented an immediate threat to our bodies and blood, this conspiracy of rogues amongst ambitious nobles backing their chosen pretender, presented a far more subtle and deadlier threat to our very existence as a people, for if any had lost the trust in each other and yielded to the temptations of plot and treachery that night, its full-likely that none of us would have lived to see the dawn in any measure thereafter.

Remember this well. The only thing that subsequently ended the siege of that fortified encampment was the rite to consecrate Arthur’s banner in the darkest hour. And the object of this plot against King Edward was the theft of this banner which would have left us absolutely defenceless against the thousand-strong host of Lizards gathered against us in the marshes beyond our fading firelight.

I swore part of the oath that gave the banner power as did others of the noble households of the realm, and from my heart ‘twas necessary that true sentiment and flawless loyalty be expressed and sworn else my words be judged empty and false by the ancestors of our country. I am a champion of the faith’s of Albion and I have spoken with our ancestors in times before, and I swear to you now as I have said before, that an oath without faith is no oath at all. And it is pure lunacy to consider that our company could have made the enchantment and re-consecration of Arthur’s banner without the renewed faith in ourselves and loyalty to the realm decided a scant hour before.

Thus we were saved that night by oath, and rite, and the common-won trust between the companies and households of Albion.

Now then of this report in particular. I believe you are a talented writer and imaginative scribe Mistress Acathenni, your tales are amusing and ripe with saucy interpretations and political embellishment. Sometimes this is the spice required to make mere pot-boiler into an epic story. But its wise to realise that the bard’s role is not merely to divide and play favourites for advancement of a few, but to unite the many in true service to a noble cause. I say this not to admonish you as a scurrilous wag-tongue intent on mischief, but to warn you against the excessive zeal of manipulations for personal gain. You would do well to learn this from the example of Martin Karlennon and myself in Trell:

Distrust and antagonism have bedevilled the relationships between House Charenten and House Karlennon in times before; but despite that dreadful night of revelations and the treacherous inducement of false-kin and villains, neither Martin of House Karlennon nor Julian of House Charenten were too proud to put aside that past rivalry to stand as true brothers of Albion and strive together against the graver threat.

This is the true task of the bard and the storyteller Acathenni, to bring our households and people together and unite them in strength and honour against the foe and enemies of all we hold dear. These accountings of missions past and heroism should be true told and free of political bias that they may be trusted and retold without fear of partiality and intrigues in the writing. That is how we will be strong and triumph over adversity. I counsel you to read these words of mine carefully and better measure thine own accounts henceforth.

In faith,

Sir Julian Charenten

Could I ask who this other monarch is?

I was told that your Queen had died and that her eldest cub was now King.


I believe that you are informed well. The Queen Elspeth was murdered and her eldest son Edward is the only monarch we have. He sits on the pendragon throne and no other is afforded it.
There was talk of another but this is treachery and I cannot covet it.

Lady Madelaine Falcon

Lady Alisha Karlennon was named a rival monarch by a conspiracy of minor nobles and wicked counsellers and has been raised and educated to believe that the court of Albion is itself false and has falsely raised King Edward as a usurper to her own natural perrogatives. At this time it is known that this conspiracy is powerful and influencial and has managed to acquire a great number of the magical and ancestral relics of the country (the treasures and hallows) and has united many enemies of the realm in a cause devoted to pursuing the claims of Lady Alisha. Alisha is certainly backed and supported by certain nobles of House Charenten, House Karlennon, House Farrenden and other families and has gained the additonal support of the rebellious usurper to the Dukedom of York, Malahaut of the Bitter Spears.

During the prelude to the meeting of households that loyally reaffirmed their oath to King Edward, Houses Charenten and Karlennon were informed by the rebels that Alisha maintained hers was the “true” claim to suceed Queen Elspeth by written right of sucession “sorcerously” manipulated and altered by the enchantments of Story Fae, poweful magicians and “enemies of the realm” that had wrought an alteration in the nature of reality some years ago.

Nobody present at the meeting of houses hosted by the Duchess of York and I in Trell could remember or atest to such a magick but Lady Glycell had cause to suspect that such a working of power could have happened while the company of Albion was contesting the Story Fae and dark allies at Marchwood in the year 1101.

In any event the simple truth is that each family of Albion and household we spoke too believed their oaths and fealty given to King Edward were just and right and honourable and together we agreed and re-swore our word and faith to the true King and succession to the Pendragon throne. Game’s of “what if” and sorcery alleged by villains and traitors were felt to be no fitting grounds to doubt the allegeiences so sworn and our loyalty to the king.

It is worth concluding this telling by witness account that as we moved the day after the meeting to break up the wedding of Lady Alisha to a usurper lord of the Farrenden family the company of Albion saw a great many enemies of the realm gathered around the Pendragon throne (stolen somehow from the keeping of loyal knights and countrymen) and we were able to prevent a union and false-crowning that would have symbolised a civil war in Albion however loyalties would thence be divided and sworn.

These are dark times and it must be remembered that as loyal as those who stood with us and swore their rightful oaths to King Edward there are others of the realm with power and disloyalty who have been able to steal and acquire the mightiest relics of our faith and keeping to drive this plot.

The danger must not be underestimated.

n addition to earlier commentary I will state my belief on the matter: it is a property of the Pendragon throne that the heads of bloodlines and households will receive a vision of the monarch should they touch the artefact while those not at the head of their household shall receive a wound for their pains to teach humility. The clear interpretation of the wound I received when touching the throne is that I am not the head of the Charenten family at this time. Ergo, my cousin Hugo Charenten still lives and is acknowledged the head of the Charenten line by the ancestral powers of the reallm. This I consider extremely positive and welcome news and to receive word in the manner of a wounding is worthwhile indeed and cause for celebration.


Master Enias Charenten has deposited a copy of the “Decree of Succession” from 1098 in the repository of documents upon this Ley. It names Alisha Karlennon as Queen Elspeth’s heir, “until such time as Elspeth, Queen of Albion shall give birth to an heir of her own”. By this Decree Alisha was the heir until Edawrd was born and from that point he was the heir, and so is now the King.


Sir Julian, the inference that Lord Hugo is still alive but hidden from us is in deed good news in a period when we seem to receive little else than bad news.

As I have said elsewhere, my duties as a Duchy Ranger require me to travel around a lot and so I will endeavour to pass on any news I hear rrelating to Lord Hugo as soon as I can if I encounter any.


Her father was one of the most loyal followers of the Queen and fully backed Edward and all of the Queen’s wishes. Surely she was raised alongside the King? If it was not Celadore or Katerina that educated her then surely Katerina can tell us who exactly was responsable for this “teaching”.

Enias Charenton

Julian, thankyou so much, as I’m sure you’re aware I can only show one side to the story until I am told others so I do appreciate your contribution. And indeed I do entirely understand your point regarding unity.

Incidentally another thankyou for clarifying the wound to your head, I have been consumed with curiosity with regards to that since we departed Trell.

Might I ask if you champion a specific ancestor or just support the concept of ancestors in general?


Indeed Acathenni, I do understand it is difficult to gather the whole story from the often confused and fragmentary reports acquired on campaign, yet wise beyond to realise that people generally act from their own perceptions and conscience and understanding of what must be done for the good of friends and county and principle. The matter of that meeting was very much a hot issue and you’ll recall I strongly contended the matter the following morning when Lord Sagramor raised the complaint from House of Glass. Still, that disagreement heard both sides in the muster and even then we fought as one people and one company in strong union and sterling service to the realm. Words alone cannot divide us, only distrust and resentment and the secret evils of false division.

Of the wounding from the Throne, ’twas actually a wound to the left leg rather than the head and the effect is such to bring the afflicted to one knee as caution against impious familiarity I believe. This is the second such wound I have received whilst touching the Pendragon throne at the request of my peers, the first occassion being a scant hour before the murder of Queen Elspeth when we recovered the artefact from a tomb, and there I received a vision of enemies of the realm triumphant. Yet in Trell I received no vision merely the wound and as I said, I believe it means that my cousin is alive and may yet return to us.

Of the status of ancestral champion, ’tis a matter of training and honour at the tuition of Lady Bronwyn of Caer Dannon. As a knight I have learned to call upon the ancestors of the realm in the full garb of battle and quest that chainshirts and platemail is no bar to my incantations. I follow and champion the Hunter and his consort, and I revere the Dream of Albion.

I trust this answers your question milady?


On the matter of the visions that people recieved whilst touching the Pendragon Throne, I have heard only of 2. Those that saw an image of King Edward and those that saw a vision of Albertus Hroc.

Does anyone have any more information on this issue?

Were there other visions?

In Service to the King

Corvus Hroc


Yes it’s all terribly interesting. Thankyou so much for your prompt reply. And do please call me Thenni, I prefer it at the moment and people seem to mangle Acathenni so sometimes.


I you may have seen I was moving the throne around quite a lot in an effort to keep it out of the way of fighting and i received quite a few visions. As the head of House Falcon I first introduced myself to it and recieved an image of Edward on the throne then the next time it was Albertus then Edward, then Albertus, then nothing, then Edward, then Albertus.

I believe that this could mean that the spirit of the Pendragon itself is in flux and until we decide upon our path it will remain so. We have been told we must chose our ancestors, well I believe those ancestors are connected to what’s happening to Edward and Albertus, a chain that was started when the Crone and the Hunter were forced into a ritual circle to acknowledge Albertus’ claim to the bloodline of kings.

Upon which point, I am going to put these statements elsewhere that many can debate their qualities. We must have some degree of unity upon which we choose.

Lady Madeliane