Tome of Fire

For those of you that don’t know, I might as well tell you, and for those of you that do, heres my side of the tale.

At last years Gathering on the Sunday evening a ritual went awry. The ritual cause a tear in the barrier between Erdreja and the Void. Similar to a ritual circle but not sealable. In order to protect Erdreja and magic as a whole, Master Dark was dragged into the tear by the Tome of Fire. The Tome detonated itself in order to seal the rift and Master Dark was expelled from the rift due to the Tome. I understand that the Tome needed Master Dark to lend some power to destroy itself. This led to the fire threads of the world pattern being released from the Tome and goes someway to explaining the starnge magical events happening where spells and weapons have been striking out at people. Early this year I volunteered to help in the re-creation of the corporeal form of the Tome of Fire. At the Convocation of the Guilds a Sylvan elf aproached the mages guild asking for the return of the Tome of Air. Master Water offered it to him but he declined claiming that he was not allowed to carry the Tome and that someone who could would come at a later date. I contacted the emissary of the Sylvan elves to find out further information regarding them and how they created the Tome of Air. I have had several conversations with Kellarionlaurial since. At the Heartland Games some elves from the Beltano bloodline came and were given the Tome of Air. This led to the relations between the Mages Guild and the Sylvan elves deteriorating ending up with several deaths at the second moot.

Now onto the Gathering this year. Between the moots and the Gathering the Mages Guild and the Bards Guild arranged a meeting with the Sylan elves away from Mage Jinks and Scullion who both are hostile to most of the elder races. How I get on with them intrigues me. At the meeting the Sylvan told us of their side of the history of the Race War and the Empire. They also discussed the problem between the Mages Guild and themselves particularly Master Dark. After this discussion they stated that they were willing to allow the Tome of Air to be used within the ritual to reform the Tome of Fire, but that they would require its return after the ritual. They were going to ask Forrester Wintergreen to hold the Tome but sadly he was killed by some Drow as part of the DME / Drow conflict. Master Air declined to carry the Tome as an act of reconciliation between the Guild and the Sylvans. My name was put forward both as an elf and as a respected member of the Guild. I stated that I had never held a Tome and that it was not up to me to hold the Tome. Kellarionlaurial said that if the Tome was here it could decide. He summoned the Tome and asked me to touch it. At the point I touched the Tome all the surrounding
people were struck to the floor. Kellarionlaurial looked at me and the Tome and asked the Lady Cathanaleith to touch the Tome at the same time. According to the Sylvan eleves there is a prophecy that three scions of the Rulien blood would be found and that the Sylvan elves would return to Erdreja when they were found. Lady Cathanaleith then discussed with Kelllarionlaurial and claimed that they had found
the first scion the ‘Enchanter’. I do not realy know what this will mean for me but it does mean that I am of Sylvan descent of the first bloodline and I am related to one of the original Tome makers. For most of the rest of the Gathering I was holding the Tome of Air as is my right through my bloodline. I think that the guild are happy with
this and I need to talk with and visit my people in their current homeland.

Please let it be known that I still regard Albion and the Harts as my family, I will not desert you.


Archmage Celadore
Member of the College of Light
Baron of Winchester