To Arms, Albion

30th day of November 1098
To all loyal Harts,
Let it be known that Katherine, pretender to the Unseelie Throne of Albion has, upon the occasion of the Open Grand Council, declared that a state of War be in existence between her minions and the Realm of Albion. As token of her earnest, her forces were already razing the town of Hereford when this announcement was delivered. This atrocity has resulted in the deaths of many defenceless men women and children, the lifeblood of Albion. There will be vengeance on those who committed this vile act, and those who ordered its execution. There will be no reprisals in kind against unarmed kindred of the foe. Such reprisals will be dealt with as severely as we will deal with those who have begun this unlooked-for conflict.
To arms, Albion. Let each able body of the land supply themselves with a stout staff, cudgel or maul unencumbered with metal, and let those who cannot bear arms roll bandages and store water against arson. Know your friends, of all creeds, races and lands. Guard your byres and granaries – there is a long winter ahead of us. We shall prevail.
Albion forever!
Hugo Charenten KCELord Lieutenant of the Eastern Marches