The Unliving War, and the Choice of the Realm

When Samael, the Archon of Good, entered the necropolis of Al Qafar last year, he broke his own ward which had been placed around the city to keep at bay the evil within its walls. With that ward now broken, unliving swarm from the city like corruption from a festering wound.

As the Armies of the Nations descend upon Al Qafar to stem the flow of Unliving, the leaders of the realms have a hard choice to make.

Too long has the war between Satu’un and Dracos waged, corrupting the Plane of Unlife, and spilling over into the Plane of the Ancestors, and our Plane.

The Ancestors appeared in force at the Spring Moot, to urge the nations of Erdreja to stand up and be counted. The choice lay between siding with Satu’un, or siding with Dracos.

Satu’un, so the histories tell us, committed the first murder. He killed Lothiriel, ancestor of the Drow. She became the creature known as Lolth, cruel, vindictive, and twisted.

Lolthiriel’s brother went mad with grief, becoming what we now know as Dracos, and swearing revenge against Satu’un.

Whichever wins, we are doomed. Their foul designs will not be held by the Plane of Unlife alone.

The Guardian of the Dead, an Aspect of The Pendragon, spoke to the Faithful of Albion. Appearing through his Avatar, Sir Taliesin Malory, the Guardian advised, and upon the Word of Her Majesty Queen Eloise, a great council of Albion was called.

The options were made known, and were rejected. But not all is lost, for with the words of the Guardian guiding them, the Harts have made their choice.

We shall not side with Satu’un, nor with Dracos. We shall take The Pendragon’s words, ‘Strength through Unity’, and use them well.

We shall empower The Pendragon, alongside the Ancestors of the Dead of other nations such as Osiris of the Southlands, and they will take the fight to the Plane of Unlife.

Our armies shall fight on this Plane, as The Pendragon fights on another, with his allies of the nations, and we shall be victorious!