The Trees Bleed Red

The destruction of the circle (by the Mage Morran) caused magic to posses the grounds and soon the circle was overgrown, feared or forgotten.

Now where the circle once stood, a strange collection of dark oaks grow. No one knows what lies in the centre, if anything at all. but the circle of oaks is so thick no one has managed to enter it yet. The explosion seemed to have left a strong elemental magical presence behind, but these were deemed ancient wild magic’s so the area is avoided by all upon fear of what will happen.

It is said that the spirits of those who died in the ritual walk the area at times, searching for a way to rest, they have been seen scaring the trees, causing them to leak a red sap although it is not commonly know why they do this.

It is presumed that they are trying to complete the ritual that went wrong by shedding blood around the circle, giving of life so the sentinel may live, but as they have no bodies of their own they scar the trees which sprang up in the place of those bodies when they died.

They are forlorn but not violent spirits looking for rest, but are deemed by those who have seen them to be unlucky or an omen. Every sixth night they walk from the fort to the area of the circle to re-enact the ritual in the vague hope that either it will complete or that they may be freed.

Copies gifted by Victoria of House Batan, 1112