The Treaty of Siberia – 1097-98

The terms of the treaty between the Beastman tribes of Syberia and the Harts of Albion shall be thus. For as long as this treaty is held, there will always be a force of Beastmen in the lands of Albion. The Harts may call on the Beastmen to provide assistance should the land be threatened. The Beastmen will offer protection to allies of the Harts travelling the wilds of Albion and will defend the land against her enemies and the enemies of the Harts. The Beastmen will ensure that there will always be plentiful prey in the land and that no fell creatures shall disturb the ways of the land. In all matters we shall look to the welfare of the land and ensure that she is nurtured and protected.

In return for this, the Beastmen shall have the right to hunt freely throughout Albion, and whenever travelling on the business of Albion, and the Harts shall support this right.

In addition to this, the following laws will be observed in the wild places of Albion. Anyone found to have set traps which are left unwatched will be hunted by the Beastmen. Anyone who allows a being to suffer in a trap will be hunted by the Beastmen. No one may hunt more in a day than they can carry at one time or they will be hunted by the Beastmen. If the number of prey is low, a ban will be placed on hunting for those who do not live in the wilderness, this ban will be enforced by the officers of the court of Albion and, if necessary, the Beastmen. It is not permitted for anyone to kill a female animal in spring. Anyone who does not follow this law will be hunted by the Beastmen. For every tree cut down, one tree of the same type must be grown. Anyone who disobeys this law will be hunted by the Beastmen.

Before the spring thaw of 1098, the hunting of those who break these laws will not be to the death. After the thaw of 1098, only those that the Beastmen know have deliberately broken these laws will be hunted to the death. Those who the Beastmen believe have broken the laws through carelessness shall be punished by the Beastmen but not to the death. Those who are careless a second time will be culled by the Beastmen, lest they weaken the people of Albion by their presence. If there is doubt in the minds of the Beastmen then those we suspect shall be given over to the courts of Albion for justice. Further, the Beastmen shall speak to the rangers, and the rangers to the people, so that all might know of these laws and understand why they are. If any should go hungry because of these laws they may trade with the Beastmen for meat and pelts, so long as the stocks of prey are not endangered.

For as long as the people of Albion keep these laws and treat the land, and those with whom they share the land, with respect there will be no cause for them to fear the Beastmen.