The Treaty of Caer Dannon

The Treaty of Caer Dannon

Uther & Fellow Lords,

I agree that martial law on Dragon lands may be ready to be lifted and that the declaration of a state of war may also be needed. This we can discuss with Eomer and Digby in the near future. I will speak to both and ensure a suitable time for dialogue.

I am, however, puzzled by your words regarding Caer Danon.

Below is an extract from a letter written by the Lord Magician Arcane to her Noble Highness Attila the Nun.

“The isle of Caer Danon is a holding of the province (Barony) of Gorsenydd. My own lands in Cymrija and it is set in the Erin Sea. Which is counted a holding of Royal Meath. The lands of the High King Ash of Erin. It is by this token that the Dragons stand unified. The Actual island and towns of the Island are under the Warden ship of Admiral Brecks of the Dragons and it is from him I claim Fealty.

Upon the island there is a Temple of the Ancestors. Your own home, and all within its bounds are thy own to rule over. Thus whilst the island is under the laws of The Dragons. Principae, statue and rolls, as we have discussed, all Incantors and those within thy bounds are thine own to rule over as thou seest most fit. If your laws are based upon Dragon laws then we are honoured, but mark well that it is not require of us.

The Ancestors are a higher law than ours and to presume to place our laws over thine own would be an affront to the higher powers that we serve. The Dragons are the most devout of all factions and we accept thy right to proclaim the words of the Ancestors. Speak and we will harken unto thee. ” I trust this helps. Yours

Drinin Drinacku
Lord Chamberlain of the Dragons

May your path be always bright.

Decleration Rescinding ‘The Treaty of Caer Dannon’ 1103AF

To all members of the Incantors Guild,

It has come to our attention that your Guild has offered assistance to the Empire to cleanse the land of the unliving army currently in Cymrija.

Although we may currently be under invasion, Cymrija is still under the command of the Dragons, and considering the previously mutually beneficial and harmonious relationship between the Dragons and the Incantors Guild, we take an extremely dim view of this offer. Whilst the intent is without question, to have made the offer to an enemy of the Dragon people, your hosts, is entirely unacceptable.

This has been compounded by the debacle in which Sian, the High Incantor of the Dragons, and King Brandin of Claire, Warmaster of the Dragons, died in circumstances which we are led to believe were entirely avoidable.

Sian, sister of Owain, Lord Protector of Cymrija, and Brandin, my own brother, had gone to Caer Danon to provide the aid of the Dragons in reclaiming the island, and it would seem gave their lives in the attempt.

Additionally, Azik-Ramun’s offer of an army of unliving to aid us is more than a little misplaced, whatever the provenance of that army. He was once a member of the Dragon nation, and should perhaps remember what it stands for.

The Dragon Nation is at war, and no longer has the resources to support and aid a Guild whose actions and aims are not fully aligned against the Empire. Militarily, the Dragons cannot support the presence of an at-best ‘neutral’ force deep within its own land.

Lady Katrina and Lord Arcane’s gift to the Guild is hereby rescinded. Any land held by the Guild on Caer Danon is reclaimed by the Dragon Nation.

Please be advised that we expect all members of the Incantors Guild not sworn to the Dragon Banner to have left the Isle by the first Moot 1104. Your compliance is essential for your own safety or we will be forced to escort you from the Isle.

Those members who swear to the Dragon Banner will be at leave to remain.

Riban Rioghan Isabella of the Dragons
Queen of Connaught
Lady of Slieve Galleon