The Tesseract Games

By Caine Karlennon, Master Mage

The Grand Erdrejan Faire is an annual event where people from all over the Heartlands compete in various challenges for great fun and reward. A number of events are powered by the Tesseract a unique device of Fey construction.

The Governor of the Tesseract is presently a fellow called Azazel and he has chosen four Wardens. One for each of the aspects of the Tesseract: Story, Dream, Wrym and Wyld. Winning games for each of the aspects will earn you Tesseract Cards and by the end of the weekend the final set of games will crown a champion for each of those aspects and one for younger entrants of the games.

Challenges of the Story include traditional re-enactment of myth and legend as well as games centred on the concept of learning and knowledge.

Challenges of the Dream are fun. Skills are not important it is all about participation, fun and entertainment. These are her ways but beware one may occasionally find themselves not in a dream…. but in a nightmare and things might become less fun for those taking part.

Challenges of the Wyrm are about strength and power. The strongest wins the right to rule. One will have to work to prove they are the best but once there, the struggle is never over. Usurpers line up to claim the crown. Survival is the name of the game.

Challenges of the Wyld are about the raw and random power of chaos and represents Nature. Random aspects being fitted, controlled or harnessed and given a role. If the Wyld fails it will try again until victorious.