The Teespoon Saga of 1095 AF

The Teespoon Saga of 1095 AF

Sir Huw de Grognard

Teespoon attacked by Naxos D’Fey

Very late Saturday night, Sir Huw and Uriah Moss discovered Teaspoon in the market area stumbling towards them. Gone was her mischievous sense of fun and the gleam in her eye. Gradually it became clear Naxos D’Fey alleged that she had been distributing salacious leaflets. She was so harshly treated that she was left for dead. Lord Calin and many of the Hunters were annoyed at her treatment. It was pleasing that Drow from Zommorod A’Tesh objected against her treatment.

Entertainment or torture?

On Saturday, there was an entertainment competition. This was interesting and sometimes entertaining. The lilting voice of the Mistral of Roche Bruin who accompanied himself on his liar harp was very successful. The low elves Teespoon, Battenburg and Marilla gabbled through a ballad that strained the ears of most. The small chorus of younger low elves paid by some connoisseurs hindered the performance by chasing them around the stage cheered on by the audience.

Teespoon abducted again

Naxos D’Fey captured the low elf Teespoon and her brother Battenburg and forced them sword point into their camp. Probably they were music critics. They convinced them that they were Drow. It is not clear whether this was by magic of some strange ritual or a defensive response where the mind withdraws from the terrors. When she escaped from the camp, House Zommorod A’Tesh took pity upon them and tried to remove this ‘curse.’ This was only partly successful. Left with a split personality, part Drow and part low elf that switched at a moments notice. Nothing more could be done for them and they was allowed to return to the Harts. Their Drow half led them soon away. Only in December did Teespoon write to Sir Huw to say that she was currently residing with House Chreotha. Her worry was whether she would be welcome in her beloved Albion again. Annias particularly concerned her as his hatred of low elves is renowned.

Crim’s invitation

Interestingly, according to a little low elf the only invitation to Crim of Zommorrod A’Tesh, the winner of the Mr Underdark Competition, for a party was from Teaspoon and Battenburg. He must have been tickled pink.