The Tale of Addam Polliver

“Let us tell a tale of a mighty knight of Albion, Addam Polliver.

Much harried were the peoples of Albion gathered that weekend by the menace of unliving sent by the death knight Mark. Finally their base of operations was discovered and a band of heroes led by Addam Polliver was sent to deal with them.

The first challenge faced by the brave band was a woman fair of face but rather than dressed in silver samite – mail was her garb. She was of renown and known as the knight of a hundred kings. She wandered this land with her squire seeking out worthy knights to challenge. This day she sought out Addam. He acknowledged this challenge and wearing his pot helm stepped forth. Many and mighty were the blows they traded until she was finally struck down and ceded the day to Addam.

After several minor skirmishes our hero was attacked by a creature of maladium might – a foul basilisk being worshiped by several reptilian cultists. This creature of pattern corruption stepped out of shadow and stuck down two scouts separated from the group. Both were petrified by its venomous claws. It then turned on the main group and starting turning each person it could reach to stone. Seeing that one by one his compatriots were frozen he ordered the warriors to stand away from the reach of its claws. This now gave room for the archers to turn their fire onto the creature, felling it so that it could kill no more. Seeing one of his compatriots stricken with his pattern turning to stone he stepped forward and knelt to incant a chant of sanctuary until he might be cured until his throat bleed. Now, up unto this time, in the heartlands petrification was synonymous with death and it shows how well the group was lead that all were healed with no undue panic.

Deeper the band went, through a land stricken with mythical creatures into territory firmly held by the enemy. Until finally they were faced with their last and greatest challenge Sir Bruin Sans Pitie the eternal knight of Caer Pendrin and his unliving war band. Sir Bruin was a knight who had ravaged the land in Arthur’s time and was now under Marks sway as an unliving warrior with power barely less than Mark himself. Despite his wounds Addam stepped forward and issued a challenge to Sir Bruin. To remind the dead knight of past honours and once more take part in a formal combat. But the baron was corrupt to the centre of his very pattern and fought with foul sorceries at his command and struck down Addam. But such was the honour with which Addam had fought that some of it crept within this darkest of hearts and so now, no longer “sans pitie”, he stepped back to allow Addam to be healed so that he might take part in the general melee that was to follow. The fight was called and Addam strode like a giant from Cornwall’s history slaying any unliving in his path until he met Sir Bruin. The dark knights fell powers had deserted him and this time it was the barons body which fell lifeless to the floor. The menace defeated and this centre of necromantic power destroyed the day was once more free from the threat of unliving. Now Addam returned a hero to receive the honours due him with grace and humility.”

Modern folktale

Historical record indicates that Master Polliver was actually no knight, but rather a prominent incantor much favoured by Puck himself. Regardless of the truth, he was a popular figure and is revered as a minor folk-hero by some Albione peasants – particularly in areas where worship of Puck is strong.

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