The Seelie Court

A Brief History


Our lives, as far as we know, began around 1097. We awoke in a glade in a place we later found out was called Cornwall. Our bodies which were only around five inches tall were clustered around a large Oak. We decided to make this place our home. A few brave or reckless Fey decided to explore our surroundings, they never returned! The only thing we appeared to have in common is that none of us had any memories from before our awakening. There were creatures that seemed to mimic all other races, some looked like humans, some elvish, some satyr, most prolific were the flutterfey. The flutterfey were chosen to lead. Our lives were good, we would follow the big things and learn thier ways. One of our number heard an elf talking to his friends about the Fey Courts, the supposedly good and true Seelie Court and the unruly Unseelies. We named ourselves after the Seelie Court believing this must have been where we were all from. Things soon went bad.

The Sparrow War

The birds arrived in swarms, almost half our number were lost in the first few days. We fought back with our magics but the birds kept coming. The strongest of our magic workers created a sword from a twig knoked from our great Oak. This flutterfey was the first to weild a weapon. Till this point the taking of a life was abhorent to us all. However after the sword was thrust into the sparrows breast and it fell, we decided there was no choice left. We armed ourselves as best we could, pins for swords and buttons for sheilds. Still the birds came. Our mages came up with a plan, we would use our magic to increase our size, then when the birds left we would return to our original forms.

The Ritual

We clustered at the Great Oak and began the ritual. Pain tore through our bodies, our bones and muscles stretched and grew ’till we were the height we are today. The threat from the birds was gone. But the cruelest blow was to be dealt. Our magic was almost totally destroyed, we had no way to return to our original forms. Some adjusted, but the flutterfey were never able to use their wings again.

Living with the Bigthings

The first of our kind to go exploring, a pair of Satyrfey, had a number of adventures with a group of Urucks. They have kept suprisingly quiet about their time there, only that they were introduced to the grand meeting place of the Gathering. It was here that they met the Harts and learned that they controled the lands they were living in. It was decided that we should send a group to offer our services to the Crown of Albion. It was happily recieved and we fight now not only to protect Albion but to find our true heritage.

Documents submitted anonymously to Brighthelm Stane Library
Autumn 1111