The scathen who died a hero

Noose, brave young skathen of the Crows, 80th-100th born son (Details get hazy — there were SO MANY rat babies) of Baron Morgan of Warwick and Thirty the filthy rat, lost his life on the Monday of the first Moot, trapped behind enemy lines and pattern wasted while his father frantically tried to rally a charge to rescue him and several others. But cowardice and hesitation in the line won through, and the boy was melted into the dirt less than twenty feet from dozens of heavily armed friends. A tragic and avoidable loss!

Noose was raised on-board ship after achieving sentience, and is survived by his father, his sister Mothball, his brother Depravo and his niece Killit the Kobold.

Others dead too

Also lost to Albion in recent weeks have been many respected names. Larten Walker, hero of the Battle of  Silverlake; Tags of the Crows, and Kinver who fell in the same combat as Noose; and Bob Woodward. The fae Pockets and Nissa are also feared deceased having been abducted by main force and taken away by powers of woe. They have not been sighted since.

Tristis, too, is no longer among us. Allegedly to fulfil a pact, he strode down an avenue of respectfully raised weapons with his head held high. “It was dead sad,” said a Tease reporter whose sword formed part of this farewell. Tristis is now, we understand, confined to the Plane of Unlife. The Tease wonders whether Theo D’Arby may be in a position to provide further details, since he’s so very experienced in dealing with the undead (see page 3).

And finally it is with heavy hearts, or heavy Hart hearts, that we report the death of Flint Stoneheart. Flint was that rarest of specimens, a singing dwarf. Some admired his vocal stylings, others found them reminiscent of a balrog tramping through loose gravel, but there can be no doubt that his loss will make Albion a less interesting (if quieter) place. The Tease reminds all its readers to take care even in public places lest foul kidnappers spirit you away (and Twigsplitter really doesn’t want to have to drag any more corpses back from the transport circle).