The Release of Maladius at the First Moot 1099

-Tale by Falcon, 23 rd March 1100
I must advise you to show the utmost caution when facing the demon. I know him as Maladius,
Master of Plagues, and he is one of the most powerful of the plague demons. Overshadowing the
terrible who we brought down at the Convocation of the Guilds.
The story of his release is a sad one, demonstrating that even the wisest may be fooled. Thought I do
not know the whole story, I will relate what I saw with my own eyes.
It was about nine turns of the Moon ago, at the first Moot when the Healers hear word of this
demon. It was said that he was responsible for the many attacks by plague cultists which had been
happening across the land. A parchment had been given to them by some strange man. It was said
by him that this would release the demon from where he was held and then cast him into the void
so he could do no harm. Lady Constance asked if I would like to accompany them and also requested
that I watch this stranger as she was concerned that his words were less than truthful.
So we set off, at first with some confidence. Our group consisted, for the main, of healers and
armourers, this seemed a strong enough group and should have been capable of handling most
difficulties. Unfortunately, this pride was to prove our undoing.
At first upon entering the lands, we found some of those who had been taken by the plague, then
journeying a short way on, encountered wood-elves who demanded to know why we were in their
forest. After proving that we were not there to harm them, one offered to lead us, though this later
proved to be a deception. He was one of the followers of this creature and hoped to set us against
the true elves who called this their home. After journeying on and numerous conflicts we discovered
the true nature of our guide and managed to convince one of the local elves to assist us. He led us
on until came to a dark portal which took all the power of the majicks that were wielded to bring
down. Proceeding down a dark stair we found ourselves in a place apparently filled with demons.
This was where the greatest folly occurred. As I stepped forward to face these creatures, I was struck
down from behind. What I did not know was that this place hoped to force us to defeat ourselves.
The enchantment was eventually broken, but it took all the remained power of our healers to deal
with the wounded.
We then proceeded on and found that which we sought. Maladius was bound by the spirit of an
elven king. Though we asked the spirit to aid us, he refuse believing that the demon should remain
bound where it was. We should have listened to his words, I should have listed to the unquiet voice
within myself. But the when I should have spoken passed and it was far too late. One spoke the
words in the scroll, but the stranger’s treachery came to pass. The last line of the scroll, which would
dispel the demon to the void, had been rendered invisible. So the creature was released and
summoning one of his own to aid him, he fell upon us. Three of my comrades fell, before he
dismissed us from his presence and we returned to the place of the Moot…
I cannot caution you enough, that this demon is hideously powerful. If he is anything like his brother,
who was at the Convocation, it will take many to defeat him.
The demon who we fought there, could be wounded with any weapon, but he was hideously strong

and took many blows to strike down. I severed his right arm but it took many strikes to do so, even
when he was struck to the ground. He cast deadly magicks and was able to summon a powerful
demon to assist him. Once he was struck to death all who were there felt disease afflict them and it
wa fortunate that so many were present who were able to heal the wounds and illness.
One further warning. Once the demon was defeated, we all left, to return to Pompeii, but upon
hearing of our battle, my friend, the scribe Pyrites, was concerned that something of the demon may
be left when it had dissolved away. He journeyed there alone and found a hideous insect upon the
ground who cast malodorous diseases upon him. Fortunately he held a staff enchanted with healing
magicks and was able to destroy it and its retinue of flies and heal the good earth once more.
This, I believe, was a demon weaker than Maladius. I say to you that you must take every precaution.
If this is truly the Master of plagues then I truly believe that an army of the mightiest warriors,
healers and mages should be sent to deal with him. And they must be armed and armoured with as
much knowledge possible. Who knows the depth of power of this terrible creature.