The Reapers

Based: Barony of Rufford
(in the County of Nottingham and the Duchy
of Keswick)
Heraldry: The dragon arrow and scythe in black on a red field, or in red on a black field
Leader: Rathdon

"All members brought together with a disturbing background involving some form of undead, travelling around gaining companions since 1098 Rathdon has seen his fair share of war and peace loss and great joy, the years to come will see more of both …"

Rathdon –
Leader of the Reapers, eyes and ears to all within
Autumn 1106

Although it is unclear exactly from where The Reapers originate, they came first became known to Albion as members of the Dragons faction, before swearing to the Pendragon Throne during the regency of Sagramor ap Galahad. Rathdon, their leader, was later enobled and granted the barony of Durham in Keswick during the regency of Michael O’Donovan.

Library Archivist
Autumn 1106