The Queen’s Champion – findings of the Templum Lucis

It was at Serenity that I first met the monks of the Templum Lucis. They were searching for the location of their monastery, I said that there may be information in our family library at Warwick and invited them to be my guests over the coming weeks so that they could rest and study at their leisure. They passed to me a number of documents, most of which are already available in Albion’s libraries, but one previously unseen is reproduced here:

Our investigations have shown that the being referred to as the Queen’s Champion in your last missive may indeed be the unnamed hero of old.

We have looked into what you asked and believe that he originally stood for House Falco in the court of King Arthur the first. The fact that none have been able to identify him only lends credence to the fact that he may indeed have been the one lost to lore and time through Arthur’s great ritual. We are still looking into the ritual by the way, but don’t believe that it would be possible to reverse it using the same means.

Our documents state that House Falco’s arms were Sable and Azure, but if the Champion had a coat of arms for himself then that I’m afraid seems also to be lost to time.

We have petitioned the Great Library to see if they have any more records on the matter, though I don’t hold out much hope. Arthur’s ritual seems to have destroyed every single reference to his name and deeds, whether written or otherwise.

We did however find reference to the Champion in a passage that we uncovered, which may be of relevance:-

In the reign of Arthur son of Arthur, when there was war in the North, there arose a young Knight whose skill at arms was equalled only by his peaceful heart. He bore himself with dignity in all things and his armour shone like the son of one of our ancient heroes. Indeed the great Champion of the lost Queen could barely have been said to be his equal.

Continue your works, spread the word Brother….

Let the light of the Pendragon guide you.

At Warwick, the monks eventually helped me find an ancient scroll, which I have transcribed here:

The young man brought with him the body of his master, the Knight Geddrun, servant of Her Majesty Gwenyvar. As per the final instructions of the Great Knight his body was placed in the mountains, marked only by the symbol of the Queen. Here he lies and his secrets lay with him. We take unto ourselves the secrets of the great and the good lest they be forever lost, but we respect the great knight’s wishes to be buried where none will find him. Let the records show that all proper care was taken to keep him from sight.

The squire Owain, once his duty was fulfilled to his Master, journeyed south where he swore to defend the lands of the King from all enemies. He travelled far and wide and his story is for another to record.

The monks spoke to me of a tale they had heard in the North, which referred to a strange haunted cave deep within the mountains, where it was believed a Knight of Yore had been buried centuries before. Above the cave was carved an ancient crown. Perhaps this was the burial place of Sir Geddrun and maybe his secret still lay with him, whatever it might be.

With my blessing, just days before the Gathering of Nations 1109, the monks left with a small troop of our Household Guard and journeyed north swearing to bring whatever they might find to me as soon as possible.

They returned at the Gathering with scraps of paper, which I believe to be from the journal of Sir Geddrun, which I have transcribed here.

My prayers have been answered. On the morrow I shall be made a Knight. The King himself has commanded it so and I shall be sworn to the protection of his Queen. I will fast this eve and pray for guidance, may I serve Her Majesty as well as others.

Today has been a strange day and I am loathe to ponder. That which mine eyes have been a witness to. Down by the lake did I take my ease in the sun and there did I see the Queen and her Chief Protector locked in a warm embrace. At first I thought some foul affliction must have come upon her, yet then tenderly did they kiss. I am so deeply torn that I know not what to do. My first oath was to the King but such knowledge may tear his heart asunder. What of my oath to the Queen? What should I do?

The court is rife with rumour and speculation. The Queen and her great champion have not been seen for days. The King’s ire grows hour upon hour. Many say *name removed* has taken the Queen against her will and is, even now making way for his homeland. I fear she has gone willingly. Only two days ago did I witness *name removed* speaking in secret with a shadowy figure outside the Queen’s chamber. Could all this have been a plot? Some act of treason that none but I have been witness to? May the Ancestors forgive me if thisM is so.

We travelled today to Camlann for the Queen to visit with His Majesty. We were surprised that *name removed* was not with us, for he is ever at her side. His sword is the first in her defence and I cannot remember a day he was not at her side. I pray nothing ill has befallen him. He is the greatest of us.

All is not well. When last I saw the King he bore a good humour, yet on this last visit he was ill at ease. I heard him demanding to know the whereabouts of our Queen’s Champion. A terrible slander has been done to her and her Champion must defend her honour. Should he not be here by the allotted hour I have decided to stand in his stead.

It is the eve of battle. Mordred’s forces will not stop unless the King concedes, but he will stand firm. It may be that I will die. If I do I shall take a terrible secret with me to my grave. These notes I have made concerning the Queen must be buried with me. Owain will see to that for he is a good lad and the bravest of squires. And so I go. To what end only time will tell but I go with only one regret. I wish I could have seen the Queen one last time. Perhaps one day.


As and when I discover more I shall place it here.

Elizabeth Falcon