The Queen of Harts

The Royal Herald was lucky enough to secure an interview with Her Majesty Breanna Pendragon, Queen Consort of Albion, Duchess of Avalon, Protector of Milford, Mother of the People, Knight Commander of the Order of Nethras.

Who are you?

Wyndrake’s wife, the Mother of the People, the Queen of Albion.

What do you want?

Happiness for my husband and child.

Who is your hero?

Nethras – maiden, mother, and crone. And secondly Queen Eloise.

What’s your biggest flaw?


If invited to a banquet which five people would you invite to your table and why?

Wyndrake, coz he is fit.

Iskaria – her wit and cunning ways amuse me.

Rowena – she is my sister.

Trevilion – on Wednesdays we wear blue.

Jasper – so I know where he is and can keep an eye on him.

If someone could create a magical item for you what would it be?

Something that would give moral, good and right judgement to someone , with all aspects in mind e.g balance , justice, vengeance , law, love, compassion. And give it to wyndrake to make his life easier.

What is best in life?

Strength through unity. The smile of a newborn. Love. And salami. I would say Wyndrake but he has had far too much before.

Tea or cake?

Always tea!