The Prophecies concerning Marin

The Prophecies concerning Marin
The First Prophecy

“The birds they flock to felons nest
Before sundown the magpies rest
As light departs the magpies rise
Deadly silent, now their cries

Nine Black Crows, fast and sleek
Hunt around for what they seek
A Royal Phoenix not of flame
With Ravens plays the Hunting game

Hawks and Rooks through woods do fly
Overwhelmed they fight or die
The phoenix holds the doves of peace
One small item for his surcease

In strength of arms you must hold trust
Or Royal line shall turn to dust.”

The Third Prophecy

“When fires lit the Albion Sky
And Good and Brave there did die
Then far away in Halls of Snake
The Dark Hand sought a Roseto fake

At winter feast he shall arrise
Last chance for a Royal prize
An answer then he must receive
Or Albion Fair once more shall grieve

Let no blow fall before the Pain
For the True line shall remain
Spread the word Thou Witch Breed Born
Lest all of Albion fear and moun”

The Forth Prophecy

“A Royal Phoenix with 12 parts torn
Curses a raven, noble born.
Once raven claims the roses’ hand
Night wings shall hunt him through the land

Helping hands the dead do slay
Malign, indeed now are their prey
As suns dark shadow light the ground
In Diamonds light the 4th is found

Guardian new, with Sight of True
Must find the 4th with fallen few
This ancient weapon you must seek
For in its power the 12 are weak”