The Proclamation of the Fallen Hart

“That upon the third day of April, 1105 AF, at Winchester ritual circle, Her Royal Majesty, The Queen of Albion, Elspeth Pendragon of the Harts, was struck down and vilely murdered, by a group of depraved, vicious treacherous creatures, an event to which many subjects of Her Royal Majesty and allies of Albion did witness and where present during.

It is my duty and in good conscience as a loyal and humble subject of Her Majesty do demand through this proclamation; the said witnesses, persons present during the murder, shall on, or before, the Twenty-seventh day of August, 1105 AF, surrender him or themselves, to one of our principal secretaries of state in Albion or to any sheriff or deputy sheriff of any of our Duchies, Counties, or Shires: every such person so surrendering him or themselves, as aforesaid, shall be given the right to stand before a court of their peers, chosen by and with the advice of the Privy Council, at which they may give an account of their actions and make in such detail as possible, reason for and why they allowed, by their actions or inactions, their Royal Monarch and Pendragon, without let or hindrance, to be killed, while they still breath the good air of Her country; Whereas it is clear to every loyal and humble subject of the late Queen that any person or persons not able to make good account of their actions upon that day, are in fact and name guilty of High Treason upon the Her Royal Majesty and Her country and should receive the full weight of Albion’s Justice accordingly. And I do hereby strictly charge and command all our Captains, Generals and other Officers, and all our Nobles and Commanders of any lands in Albion’s borders or colonies, and all other Officers Civil and Military, to seize and take such ‘witnesses’, who shall refuse or neglect to surrender themselves accordingly. Such person or persons shall be charged with High Treason and dealt with accordingly.

Let it also be noted, in duty and good conscience as a loyal and humble subject of Her Majesty, that the burden of responsibility for the loss of our Queen must fall first upon the shoulders of the Lord Protector, Sagramor Ap Albion, Duke of Keswick as such position doth demands it and the Earl Marshall, Finn Dracha, as supreme commander of Her Royal Majesties’ Military forces; both titles shoulder the responsibility for the safety of her Royal Majesty and should account for their failure before a court of their peers on or before the Twenty-seventh day of August, 1105 AF, and should make such atonement and penance as is deemed worthy for the loss of Albion’s Queen, Her Majesty Elspeth Pendragon.

To such ends, it is the solemn duty of all subjects of Albion, and all Officers both Civil and Military, all worthy allies of the Harts Faction, make all efforts unceasing to hunt down, seize and bring to Albion’s Justice those depraved, vicious and treacherous creatures responsible for the death of the Queen of Albion and any who aided, by their action or inaction said creatures.

I do declare myself as pursuer and Author of this Proclamation, given at this meeting of the subjects of King Edward, upon the Twenty-forth day of June, 1105 AF;”

Marcus Olyvier Charenten,
Admiral of the Royal Navies or Albion,
In the Reign of King Edward,
Ancestors save the King.

We the undersigned in the sight of the Ancestors and the court of our peers do hereby give notice and recognise this proclamation, pursued by Marcus Olyvier Charenten, Admiral of the Royal Navies: