The Lord Mystic, Saylen Alba, wishes it to be known:

The selection of ritual targets and the allocation of slots shall be in the hands of the Lord Mystic.

Any individual who desires to be the target of a ritual must submit a letter to the Lord Mystic detailing what it is that they wish for, and why they feel that the Throne should see fit to grant them the use of a ritual.

These letters will be considered by the Lord Mystic and the ritualists and contributors of Albion.

One ritual each year is to be reserved for a recipient recommended by the Council of Aldermen. Heads of Houses and Leaders of Groups will be invited to make the case to the Aldermen as to who deserves to be nominated ‘People’s Champion’ by the Council.

The Council shall, at the Gathering of Nations, advise the Throne of their nomination. Upon appointment as People’s Champion by the Throne, that individual shall discuss with the Lord Mystic their ritual, which shall take place the following year.


The Throne has instructed the Office of Works to begin construction of the Nightkin College of the Ritual Arts