The Last Will and Testament of Queen Eloise the First

I, Queen Eloise the First, by the Grace of The Pendragon, Sovereign of Albion, Cornwall and The Territories, Monarch of the Sundered Isles, Lady of Lundy, Guardian of the Wild Places, Chosen of The Trinity, Defender of the Faithful and Freeman of The Isles, declare this to be my only Will and Testament and do hereby revoke any and all other Wills and codices in existence. I declare myself to be of sound mind and not acting under duress, beguilement or control.

My Lord Isaac Hulce as duly appointed Executor of my Royal Estate has been tasked to read this Will as a record of my wishes and Decrees on the event of my death.

I compose this document of free will in the knowledge that our Nation of Albion faces a threat such that my capacity to rule may be compromised. Should all efforts to remedy my condition fail, I wish it known that I willingly entrusted my fate to my beloved husband, Lazarus Hunter, My trusted Counsel, Isaac Hulce and my loyal Archduke, Ross Pendragon. Of Fate we, as Elves, are made. To Fate we bestow our Patterns.

My Wishes
I Decree, that, on the occasion of my death, should the Pendragon Heir still be unknown, then the Throne of Albion shall pass immediately and without encumberance or hinderance to the Archduke of Naseby, Ross Pendragon, to hold in Stewardship for the True King. His vision for a united and honourable Albion will put the nation in good stead for the challenges that lie ahead. I ask that all join in unity to follow his Rule. I Decree that Forest Glen be renamed The Royal City of Forest Glen, in recognition of its central role in the story of our rise from the ashes.

For my beloved son, Elazar Hunter, I grant my royal apartments at Forest Glen. I ask that all accord him respect, but not the title of Prince. He knows that another still wears that honour. Concerning the daughter of the late Mistress Culpepper, Imelda, who has been my charge and my comfort in recent months, I wish that you ensure her ongoing welfare as a Ward of the Crown.

I Decree that The Order of the Rose remain in perpetuity,to protect the Throne and uphold the Honour and Rights of the voiceless. From this day hence Champions shallbe known as ‘Royal Champion,’until such a time that the sought-for Pendragon Heir sits upon the Throne again.

I wish for the Nation to continue to offer comradeship to the Beastmen and commitment to their cause against Acquiescence.

Regarding the Mayor of Ditchit, I wish that the Nation supports the Duke of York in ending this gentleman’s tenure and that a suitable candidate be considered with urgency for that poor village that has faced so much.

I wish for Albion to continue to reinforce our alliances with the Dragons and the Lions.

Please offer kindness and support to the people of Caledonia and Nihon. Seek a better time, when our lands can be fully at peace and in accord, in a form of common-wealth. May Britannia light the way for the rest of Erdreja,for generations to come.

I wish it that the people renew efforts to restore the flooded regions of Albion. Please support Seraphin, Caine, Cawd, Victor and others who have investigated this. I wish for Londinium to be secured once more.

In accordance with the custom and traditions of my House, I ask my fellow Hunters to distribute my possessions amongst the Houses of Albion. I have left directions for their disbursement with Dame Foxxglove Lanata. I have received so many lovely gifts from people across Erdreja. It would not be seemly to create a dusty museum for my jewels when Albion must look ahead to new times.

Although it pains me to say it, beware of Shaman of the Incantors’ Guild. Because of his complete impartiality, his openness to all Ancestors has brought our nation strife on more than one occasion.

I thank the Nobles and Dignitaries of our good land for all their guidance over the years of my reign.

Finally, please offer compassion to Lazarus. Despite his inevitable bluster, his heart belongs to Albion and it always will.