The Kingmaker

On Friday Evening of the Moot which took place at Chapel Perilous, in the Harts Camp, did a strange visitation occur.
An entity which we have come to know as the Kingmaker appeared in camp, and called for all Children of Albion to stand to.
This entity, we have learned, is a Creature of the Pendragon. It was confirmed by Sir Ross Pendragon, then Archduke of Naseby, that the creature felt as though he had been sent by the Pendragon.
According to sources this entity has been visiting the dreams of Wyndrake Winterheart, the Duke of Keswick.
The Kingmaker informed us that the Quest, to which we had been directed by Her Late Majesty and the Trinity, was at an end, as he had come to give us the name we sought.
The Heir to the Pendragon Throne, he told us, is Mordred.
This was met with furious disagreement from the assembled Harts, with many calling the Kingmaker a liar. This angered him visibly. He informed us that he is not wrong, and queried if we dared to call him a liar.
He was questioned by the Duke of Keswick as to why we have been set a Quest if the Trinity had the answer all along. The Kingmaker accused the Albione’s of being unable to fulfill the Quest, and having delivered his news, he disappeared.
This perplexing occurence is not the final chapter, however, for he returned the very next day and informed us that new information had come to light, and he gave us a second name, which the Herald has been requested to withhold.
Suffice to say that reports indicate the individual named fled from camp, and has refused to recognise the name given, or that they could be the Heir.
Sources around camp indicate that the Harts are unimpressed and unconvinced by the Kingmaker’s words, given he was so adamant, then changed his mind the next day.
There were several in camp who wondered if he would put in an appearance on Sunday with another name.
Put in an appearance he did later that night, some time after the unfortunate ritual for Her Late Majesty.
A Lantian Ancestor known as Paragon led a ritual, summoning forth an Avatar from each of the Nation’s Pantheon’s of Ancestors. It is believed the Kingmaker stood forward for Albion, as an Avatar of the Once & Future King, an Aspect of the Pendragon. These Aspects or Avatars, have been separated from their Ancestor.
Lady Treacle, Watcher-Presiding, has told the Herald that each of the Ancestors chosen was the one most directly influenced by its followers, and that those Ancestors, or parts thereof, have been ‘flipped’ – we believe that the Once & Future King has been corrupted and may, in its separation from the Pendragon, have become chaotic.
The matter requires further investigation by the relevant authorities and those at Court responsible for the Quest.