The Jones Clan of Idris Aled

Based: Barony of Chelmsford (in
the County of Warwick and the Duchy
of York)
Heraldry: Red Tower And Dragon
Leader: Nerys Jones

The Jones clan of West Gloucester originates from the south east coast of Cymrija. Based in the area of Castell Coch, the clan was famed for possessing the fury of a red dragon and a strong talent for alchemy. The Clan father, Idris Aled was affectionately known as Cariad Ddraig.

The clan was successful in terms of trading and farming and established permanent settlements in the area of the red castle. While many have enjoyed the genuine hospitality of the Jones Clan of Idris Aled, guests and allies were always aware of the clan’s political efficiency and the expedient yet silent departure of their enemies.

During the exile of John Falcon in the Albion Civil war, trading links and friendships were established with the Jones clan, fuelled in no short measure by the obsessive pursuit of alchemelical knowledge of his daughter, Elizabeth. The clan daughters, driven by a certain celtic forthrightness formed a strong bond with the young and future Lady Falcon who was always a wayward yet honoured daughter of Albion.

Daughters and Sons of the clan who still felt the wandering urges of the celts found their way into service on Albion ships under agreements brokered by the young Elizabeth as she emerged into Albion society as a lady and most formidable warrior.

When the eldest daughter of Idris Aled, Nerys, (a name which translates as noblewoman, despite the rustic airs of the cymrijans) found herself with child and a husband fallen in battle, she left her naval service and took up residence in Warwick with House Falcon, aiding Elizabeth in the running of the house and helping greatly in the upbringing of the wards of House, including that of the young Lord Falcon. During this time, she dedicated herself to Nethras, an Ancestor with whom her cymrijan blood identified with wholeheartedly.

The friendship of the eldest daughter of Idris Aled and Elizabeth Falcon endured through the years until the fall of Lady Falcon during a calamitous ritual in 1110. At this point, Nerys had fully adopted citizenship of Albion and upheld its laws as Sheriff of York.

In 1111, Nerys’ half sister, Seren joined her to aid with the care of her small family, which includes the boy child dubbed the Black Prince of West Gloucester by the late Regent, Gabriel Barthroy.

Services of the clan have been guaranteed to Albion for many years. Members of the Jones Clan of Idris Aled often visit Abion society and may frequently be seen trading at ports or heard in the shouts of crews of ships flying Albion banners. Clan members are known to be loyal members of the Alchemist guild. It is often said that a clan member may be recognised by their outrageous and unnatural hair colours caused by frequent laboratory experimentation.

Nerys Jones (Eldest Daughter of Clan Leader, Main Representative of the Clan in Albion
Summer 1111