The Ironhold of Trinity Reach Announces its New Queen

The Ironhold of Trinity Reach announces with great delight and
excitement the melding of King Olaf Graytalon to Carmyna Whitefire.

With Carmyna having originated from Borthawr, this reaffirms the
ancestral ties between the two great Dwarven Holds.

King Olaf has decreed, and wants it known, that his betrothed be forever
known as Queen Carmyna Graytalon and will from this day forth rule

The Ironhold of Trinity Reach at his side.

Preparations are underway to cement that which is already set in stone.
The Ironhold plans to open its doors and host a dwarven spectacle in
honour of this union the likes of which has not been seen for generations.

Grand historian Cornelius Silverbeard
Order of the Truthsayers

February 1118

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