The Gryphons Banquet of 1096 AF

Sir Huw de Grognard
This was compiled by the various reports that came to me from the Hawkshead Archers, a number of Gryphons and Conor CuChulain of the Bears. The Banquet was hosted by Nicholas St Paul on his estates in Estragales.
The Baron Guillium de Hawkeye, High Sheriff of Albion with other members of the Hawkshead archers accompanied Lady and Lord Tarragon to the Gryphons Banquet. The other dignitaries were Master Blue, Master Green, Master Violet of the Mages Guild, Mangus Magnusson (Head of Ritualist Guild), Matron Mother Dallashandra of House Veldrin’qu’ellar, Master Healer Hagar, and the First Lady of the Unicorns
FOOD AND DRINKThere was plenty of food that a number within the Hawkshead Archers found a little too regimented. It was certainly a grand meal with fowl, pig, cow, and ribs. Lord Timothy de Wilfsbane generosity seemed to have no bounds. The mead was beyond compare and its popularity was shown by there being none left in his cellars.

YOUNG WINGED CATA young winged cat caused havoc with security as it took several weapons and hid them. As there was a prohibition on weapons at the time, this was taken as a threat. The Gully Dwarf that so entertained Master Violet encouraged the little cat in his acquisitions of anything that was not nailed down. A stolen dagger mysteriously appeared under the table where the majority of House’s Veldrin Qu’ellar and D’Maraki were sitting. The Drow were upset by the rumour that they were involved in the Thefts.

MAGIC CIRCLE INTEGRITY BREACHEDThe same kitten and a human child later ran through a magic circle that was drawing energy from the Plane of Life without disrupting it or coming to harm. It was commented that old records indicate that a child can enter and leave a circle without affecting it (possibly due to their innocence). That same record indicated that cats could also enter and leave circles – even if sealed – at will, and that when within the circle, the power there is enhanced (the reason why most old mages kept cats).

VIOLET THREATENS GULLY DWARFThe Winged Cat and the Gully Dwarf stole the Feinhold Magical Concentrator belonging to Master Violet that was required for the Ritual later that evening. The Cat liked the item and wished to keep it. Master Violet shrugged and showed little interest just saying, “Get it back unless you want a dead thing on your hands” to the Gully Dwarf. Master Violet got more irritated and gave Gully Dwarf 30 seconds to return the item else be Mage Bolted. At this point rest of table starts to get uneasy not wishing for the smell of charred flesh to ruin meal. With barely a few second to spare, the item appears. After a tug-o-war, Master Violet is triumphant and regains possession of article.

GULLY DWARF ATTACK VIOLETMaster Violent is letting his intolerance show through when Gully Dwarf got her hand stuck to a chaos star, along with the Lord Timothy de Wilfsbane and a Lady. The Lady Rebecca De Wilfsbane, the wife of the Lord of the Gryphons was called upon to free them using her Mage skills. Master Violet struck the Gully Dwarf down and then declared that he cared not if she died. As it happened, I healed her because she was funny!

MASTER BLUE AND HER PARENTSMaster Blue made mention that she did not know her parents and was trying to understand what she was. Personally, I thought she was a half-demon, but that’s just me. A noble of the Gryphons declared that he knew her foster father and that he performed dark rituals. Master Violet objected and Lord Timothy de Wilfsbane declared that the matter would be dealt with in private at a later date.

RITUAL SUMMONS DEMONThe ritual was performed by the Ritualist Guild to obtain the words needed to invoke a powerful item called “Feinhold Concentrator.” This allowed a ritual group to tap into a nearby ritual circle if there was not a full circle present at the site where a ritual is to be performed. The item appears as a small purple pyramid and was loaned from the Mages guild.
The demon entered the body of Mangus Magnusson (Head of Ritualist Guild) and spoke through him. It’s name was Shalizar, Demon of the 17th Realm. It broke out of the circle and caused a number of wounds by his mere touch that were not able to be treated by a healer to the ritual group. It detected Master Violet by smell. It detected the corruption in Master Blue. It soon grew bored and left of own its own accord. Mangus was weak but unharmed and attempted to convince everybody that everything was under control. All the injured were quickly healed by those close by.

MASTER VIOLET AND NECROMANCYMaster Violet provided much entertainment for the evening, being seated below the Gully Dwarf. He kept muttering about Necromancy but would not be lead into a discussion on DARK Incantors / Mages and Healers. He was more interested in making quite clear that LAW opposes CHAOS and GOOD opposes EVIL.

DARK HEALERSMaster Healer Hagar of the Healers Guild from the Unicorn faction confirmed that Dark Healers exist. In fact one is part of Healers Guild. They have the ability to heal Unliving. He had not heard about the Dark Incantors or Dark Mages. He said he would also speak to Tel Falcon about examining those Dark Incantation Scrolls that he appropriated at the Open Grand Council last month.

THE FIRST LORD GRYPHON ATTENDSThe First Lord Gryphon accompanied by a troll wandered around hall looking for someone. Upon reaching Lord Timothy de Wilfsbane, words were exchanged. An amulet was presented by First Lord Gryphon to Garak Merton McSweeny for services rendered. The First Lord Gryphon left swiping through many with his sword much to his amusement and his troll. This troll was cut down and was interrogated by the ‘Speak to Dead’ Incantation. No harm was intended to come to anyone there, the troll willingly acted as a body guard despite knowing that he would more than likely die.

THE RAFFLEThere were many prizes. The Harts won an enchanted dagger. The Tarantulas won Hawkshead own portable weapons rack and then promptly sold it to Master Violet as a scroll holder.

GRYPHONS SWORDThe legendary Sword of Karnena was owned by the original Lord Gryphon. The Commander of the Armies, Lord General Luain Argentos is very unhappy as he seems convinced that it had something to do with the death of his father. It was the same sword that Sir Huw was cut down by at the Open Grand Council. Lord Timothy de Wilfsbane sent a formal apology which was accepted on Sir Huw’s behalf

FACTION SONGThe Gryphons proposed to make ‘Over the Hills & Far Away’ their faction song.

BOAR HUNTI left shortly there after with those remaining being promised a Boar hunt the next day in the snow!