The Gosan Moot 1102

Turn up. Put salt round transport circle, realise we don’t have nearly enough to make an impact. Go to guilds, chat to people, try to get them to realise all the bad things that might happen. Encounter Eborus, get shown his ‘Troubles of Albion’ inch thick report.

Get directions to camp, head up there.

Finn takes group into Dreaming to try and locate Katerina Grimmir. All vanish from brothel tent, bar Finn who leaves a faint glow behind. All reappear after we’ve fretted for a few minutes, screaming in pain from fatal wounds. Appears that the void entity ‘noticed’ them and swiped at them with its tentacles, causing the wounds. Make mental note not to visit Dreaming at the moment.

Went haring off after Phoenix shortly afterwards, as the Grimoire attached itself to his hand, began exerting control over him and headed him towards the gate. After a brief attempt by him to enthrall me ended with him being beaten into the floor by Jharik, we tried to remove the book. Ideas such as ‘cutting his hand off’ failed to work, so we settled for tying him up until he agreed to sell the Grimoire.
Sir Rayner makes appearance at the end of Arianrhod’s ritual, not a Grolloch demon. He’s from 500 years in what appears to be a different past, and wishes to get back to help his people. Believe this is associated with mists in the Vale and attacks by Neanderthal types.
Percival authorises us to contact Prince Armadel in order to remove the poison from Titania. We don’t send the message anywhere, hoping that simply writing it will work – seemed to at the Soldiers Rest. Request to visit him at Winchester, rather than him coming to us…
I walk into camp to find Armadel has been sitting in the command tent – after wrecking it – for about 20 minutes, annoying the military. Conclude that annoying the military was inevitable part of plan and sit down to talk to him. He believes me!!! Run to get potion from Jharik who is still in bed (whilst briefly wondering why Percival isn’t around – am I the only one who gets up early?!!). Give potion to Armadel, who leaves, escorted politely by Aisla and a couple of others. They don’t stab him up. Several hours later, Cadarn receives a message from the Dream Fae with a quest we can fulfil to get ‘anti-Evil’ weapons, I receive a letter from Titania saying ‘thank you’. Story Fae problem solved – all there is left to do is have a heroic fight, win it and thus reclaim Winchester. I might even get to visit home soon…
We all go to marketplace to greet everyone and welcome them to Gosa. Cadarn has heart attack – brief pause of disbelief as he falls over then Everyone runs to him – we get him into Healers Guild. Official line is that he’s fine. Lord Hulce apparently at this point decides he doesn’t trust me and wants someone else to look after Cadarn!!! Probably result of the Armadel thing – bit annoyed, after all it’s now solved as a result of what Percival and I did! Cadarn has to do ritual later to stop Roxanne – Jharik is sent off to find Something to stop him falling over mid-ritual.

No-one bothers to tell me until several hours after the fact that:

a – the Grimoire was passed on again because the second person to hold it tried to leave camp.

b – the Grimoire was regained by the Void Entity.

Conclude I haven’t been making a big enough point about Really needing to be told what’s going on with that sort of area.
Everyone who was touched by the Void Entity whilst in the Dreaming has tentacly shapes on their faces – there’s no sign of possession, so conclude Void Entity is probably showing off.
The letter received from the Dream Fae requires us to leave the camp gates open and unguarded until midnight. Also we have to fly a kite with eagles feathers. Once we do all of this, we’ll get weapons that will help banish evil tomorrow.
Serpent things turn up whilst I’m out of camp – deliver such pleasantries as poisons that kill you within a minute. Partially defeated by song – no record on whether song is in tune or not!
Lady Katerina returned to us – by Jac! Appears he is not pure evil, he has instead been on an undercover mission, and certainly appears to have saved Lady Katerina’s life.

Jac then spends reasonable proportion of afternoon being beaten into the floor by people he has upset/feigned to kill during his mission.
Day goes rapidly downhill when Cadarn does ritual. The demon will only help if given 1000 innocent souls. Cadarn refuses and binds the demon for 1000 years instead. I get sneaking suspicion something is going wrong. Cadarn leaves ritual circle, kneels before Queen Elspeth, and sobbingly convicts himself of slavery, treason and condemns himself to death. The Queen overrides this and instead exiles him – he can hold no name, title, land or home in Albion. Cadarn transports himself into the void. Faction trudges in extremely broken fashion back to camp.
New Lord Protector appointed – Queen leaves camp.
Mordred Device re-activated – day gets worse.
Realise at about midnight no-one has done anything about the prophecy received that tells us how to stop the world going under to a big hole in the void and the entity In it. Spend next two hours stalking around, talking to Luciana of the Company, and trying to get people faintly organised – rather than trying to sort it out at 10.30am tomorrow (the original ‘plan’).
Elana disappears from Brothel, people run off to find her, it all starts to go a bit odd when she calls upon ‘her minions’ and transports them all off somewhere. They return later, all have a fading possession.
Various factions act like fools, keep killing each other, I decide that the Harts are maybe going to have to save the world tomorrow by themselves!!

Void Entity definitely showing off. True, it is looming dark and close over Gosa, but it was doing it enough for Everyone to see – and the rain just topped it all off really. Decide I am in extremely bad mood about whole thing, start to look forward to thwarting it later.

Those doing the rites sit in command tent and work out what they are doing.

Other factions turn up and actually show support. Most impressed!!
Void opens. Demonic horde comes out. Lord Marshall Hulce points out that we’re about to do the rites in the wrong field – I run screaming in front of 3 armies and demonic hordes to get Arianrhod, and we move the rites into the correct field. I find myself alone in big fight. Find faintly familiar faces, run round picking people up. Then myself and Amryel go to find other Harts, make sure they’re not dead in top field. Find them at end of fight, heal up some random people. Find Sagramor, despite facing likely death, he carries on towards ritual circle…Those doing the rites head into the ritual circle, begin to fall over, but Arianrhod flings herself Into the circle, finishes the rite and collapses. At that moment the void hole seals. World saved. I pick up Arianrhod. Everyone fights the monsters that are still dribbling through the rapidly sealing cracks. Far too many of Elder Races are dropping, screaming, dying, ageing.

Monsters defeated, everyone staggers back to camp. Several are dead, including the late horrible discovery that Corax has been killed. I still can’t think where he was, because I was in by the ritual circle and I didn’t see him!

We realise that we have several items that use incantation power, and a few have been inadvertantly hurt by them. The items can’t now be used until the mordred device is destroyed.

Kia Aryllin