The Disc of Nefee (a speculative guide)

Since the loss of the magic of the incantors and the fall of the elder races some seventy years ago I have devoted my life to preserving what remaining facets of Elven culture survive. The Disc itself seems to be some form of time capsule. It seems to contain five distinct patterns.
It is possible to summon forth these patterns by the following method : first you need to find a being with a similar pattern (either a relative or someone subjected to a temporary pattern alteration spell.) The closer to the original the stronger the link.
Second, invoke the stone. When me and my colleague attempted to do this, a rather pleasant spirit manifested in my co-worker and said “Please send me back. The time is not yet right.”
Since the death of a prominent Latvian Olremist known to be experimenting with a section of the disc, we decided not to continue. The invocation we used was “By my power I summon forth valour from this amulet”
Anna means gift Mala means divine power
Kvesse means feather Maka means teeth

The pairs of stones represent the elements. Magic, creation, physicality and destruction being air, earth, water and fire. The Last Days of the Ice Elves
It came to pass that the war between the Elves and the younger races ended. The war had terrible consequences. Many things of beauty had passed from this world never to return. It seemed that all of the law and culture of the Elder races would be lost forever. To prevent this eventuality the Disk of Nefee was created.
As the Ice Elf queen surveyed the devastation that was once her empire, she called together her surviving members of the court and decided the following:
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The Queen and four of her most archetypal members of her court were imprisoned within the disc. Thus ended the empire of the ancient ice elves. Prophecy states that any day, at a time of peace between elves and men, at a time of darkness, the ancestors shall be with the descendants [and] knowledge shall return.
Prophecies of Marmolodii The Mad
And there shall come a time known as the end of the world. There shall be rains of assorted shellfish, calves will be born with two heads and whole flocks of sheep will be found at sunrise facing the opposite way to that which they faced the night before.
The portent of these times shall be when the five of ice are united as one. In order to prevent this time of darkness, this time of eternal suffocating jellyfish, heed my advice:
When you discover the accursed disc, on no account should you place the pieces together. If placed together, never utter the following invocation:
“By the powers of Kvesse, Annaa, Vayaa and Ankaa I summon forth the fell power of the ice elf queen from this amulet.”
Also beware, for my penguin Boris intends to invade western Slovenia.
Marmolodii the Mad