The Demise of Violet

June 1100 A.F.
An open letter from Lasha, Master Fire
“To the gracious, most noble people of the Harts,
Out of my sincere heartfelt emotions of respect, I commend the following news to you my friends.
You are no doubt aware that our mutual friend Joshua McTay with whom we share similar feelings towards had at one time gone missing within the Great Library of Magic at Norhault. I have the greatest of pleasure to inform you that the Violet Mage is missing no longer. It would appear that a book entitled ‘Arcanus Extremus Violentia – A Collective Works of Aggresive Physical Magic’ seems to have devoured him whole. We have curtailed the actions of this book and such a tragic death should not occur in the future.
No doubt you will wish to mark the occasion in a suitable manner with whatever merriment is appropriate and I hope to pay my fitting respects.”